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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

This week - just as crazy, if not even more crazy than last week. Quick review of the week.  Monday= p-day. Also, went to Provo to pick up Elder Lambert's new companion. We were going to get another missionary who's waiting for his Visa to go to Spain, but apparently he broke his leg, and is being kept in the MTC till he heals.  Anyways, then we got back to Heber, and went to the Spanish branch's family home evening.  Tuesday we went to Provo for a Zone Leader meeting, came back, planned a zone meeting for Wednesday, and taught a couple lessons. Wednesday, Elder Lambert was sick, so we went on splits with them (Elder Lopez was also not feeling so well) and Elder Bird and I went out to work. We taught 2 wonderful lessons in our area, and spent some time in their area as well, then had a correlation meeting.  On Thursday and Friday, we had a really incredible opportunity.  About a month ago, I got an idea, so we talked with the resident Stake President, got it approved, then talked with the seminary president at the local high school (Wasatch High), and then all of the seminary faculty, and on Thursday and Friday, between 6:30 and 2:30 we went in and gave a 15-25 minute presentation to all 900 and something seminary students in 33 seminary classes at the high school.  Two other companionship were supposed to come and help us out in the effort, but both cancelled the night before, which left us teaching between 3-4 seminary classes each period on Thursday, and then on Friday for a total of 15 classes.  Fortunately on Friday we got some help and finished out the other 18 classes. It was a wonderful experience teaching and testifying to the youth about missionary work, and how to be member missionaries, as well as the wonderful opportunity that they have to do that here.  There were even some non-members in some of the seminary classes, as well as recent converts, and many tears were shed before the end of the classes.  For some reason we felt that we needed to do all of that right before conference weekend, and I think it was wonderful timing!  Right after the last class on Friday, we went in to Provo to pick up Claudia (the 12 passenger van) and then ate dinner, and drove straight out to Roosevelt, picked up the missionaries who would be coming with us to the Saturday morning session of Conference in Salt Lake, and then drove back in to Provo, and stayed the night in the Mission Home.  The next morning, we all loaded up, and drove up to Salt Lake, and got to watch the first session of Conference.  Must I say, It is such an incredible opportunity to be there. I caught myself crying many times during the meeting (especially since the missionaries get to sit all the way up in the front, on the very right. Right where all of the general authorities and their family come in). President Monson is incredible. He really knows how to MOVE! He doesn't waste any time whatsoever coming in, and then on his way out, he pushed his wife out in her wheelchair.  Anyways, afterwards, we went out, took some pictures in the conference center, and then went to go walk around temple square. Right as we walked in to temple square, I saw Kimberly standing there! That was pretty cool.  Anyways, eventually we loaded up, and went back to Provo. Unfortunately, they needed Claudia (the 12 person van) to get Elders to the 6 o clock Priesthood session of conference, and there was not time for us to take all of the elders and sisters back out to Roosevelt and get back before they would need the van, so we stayed in Provo to watch the other two sessions. Then at about 10 o clock, they finally arrived back with the van from Salt Lake, and we loaded up again, and drove back out to Roosevelt. We pulled in just after mid-night.  Then we got to enjoy the 2 hour ride back in to Provo, because they needed the van again early the next morning.  We arrived at the mission home at about 2:30 am, Sunday morning (it took some extra time because I was drinking a lot, and we had to make some stops, as well as stopping in Heber to grab some stuff we'd forgotten, and then filling up the 30 gallon tank as soon as we got back to Provo. And we got to sleep at about 3. The next morning, we went and watched the first session of conference in the home of some recent converts in Orem, and then finally made our way back to our area, watched the next session at a non-member family's house, went back to our place, and crashed.  Our dinner appointment cancelled, so we got a couple hours of sleep in, then dragged ourselves out of bed, and finally got to teach a couple of final lessons.  WHAT A WEEK!!  I have felt the Love of God sooo much this week, but I gotta admit, I'm pretty drained both physically, and emotionally, while being completely spiritually filled.  I wouldn't give it up for the world!  Fortunately, this next week we'll actually be able to be in our area for 5 of the 7 days, and we're looking forward to pounding some doors.

This gospel is true.  I feel it every time I testify of it.  I love this work so much. Anyone who does not believe in these things, must not have taken the time and energy to understand the things we preach. Many people think that they KNOW, but do not UNDERSTAND. There's a massive difference. I now know, and understand, and my understanding grows every single day.

Love to all!
Elder Williams

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