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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

This week has been pretty interesting! We spent the week "lowering the cane" on a bunch of investigators, dropping a few, finding a bunch more, and seeing miracles! and all of that happened while I was suffering through a really badly pulled back.  It all started about two weeks ago when we helped people move for about 3 days straight and I strained my back pretty badly.  After that went on for about a week, I went to go play raquetball with a couple of other missionaries, and twisted my back really bad.  Then the next morning I went and played basketball and pulled my back.  then a couple of days later when I was in Roosevelt with some other missionaries, I pulled my back again really badly playing basketball once again.  Needless to say, I will not be playing basketball this week, and I feel like an old man.  It's really annoying having a pulled lower back. I'm not sure I realized how often we make use of that wonderful part of our bodies. Now, no matter how I sit, or where I sit, my back hurts. and of course this all had to happen on my last week when I want to play basketball with EVERYONE! but that's alright.

In addition to that, some hilarious things have happened this week! When I was on splits with the spanish elders in Roosevelt, they had to fill up their truck (pick-up truck) with gas.  While we were there we decided to take it through the car wash we had there. Elder Johnson was driving, I was in the passenger seat (with my backpack at my feet), and Elder Taylor was in the back seat.  As we entered the car-wash, Elder Taylor commenced to tell us that the last time he went to that car-wash, he was with his last companion Elder Guzman, and about half-way through the car wash Elder Guzman says: "Oh CRAP! OUR BACKPACKS ARE IN THE BACK!" And he got out (in the middle of the car wash) to rescue the sopping back-packs.  Elder Taylor finished telling the story, and we all laughed pretty hard, and then about 10 seconds later, Elder Taylor says: "OH CRAP! MY BACKPACK!!!" and Elder Johnson says: "What?! OH FREAK MINE TOO!!!" and Elder Taylor jumped out (half-way through the car-wash once again) to rescue the sopping, soapy backpacks.  That might just have been the most ironic moment of my life! I was glad to have my back-pack safely seated with me in the front seat :D

Another fun moment came when we were eating lunch the next morning.  They have 4 missionaries that live together in that apartment, and we were playing scripture golf while we ate.  Elder Johnson says, "I'll be right back" and goes to the back room.  Then he comes back about 15 seconds later with the phone: "Oh crap! They're coming to do apartment inspections this morning!" Then he goes over to the front window and looks out: "OH CRAP! THEY'RE HERE!!!!" And all 4 of them start scrambling to clean up the apartment! It wasn't too messy, but they definitely could have used a half an hours notice.  Fun moments with other missionaries! :D

The next day when Elder Lopez and I finally got back to our area, we had some really cool experiences with new people. It's really good because we've been struggling to find new people.  There's a couple that we've been wanting to meet for a long time, who are the neighbors of a recent convert lady, and on friday, we showed up to share a quick spiritual thought with the recent convert, and the couple was there with their kids! We taught them a wonderful first lesson and have a return appointment! They were really excited to learn, and to apply this stuff in their lives! I think they've been having some problems lately, and are excited for a change in their routine.  Apart from that, it's been really fun to go around town, and have basically all of the kids know exactly who we are! Since we went to visit all of the seminary classes, kids have been really excited to see us, and to talk with us. It's been pretty cool. We often hear "HEY! IT'S THE SPANISH MISSIONARIES!" fun stuff.  Apart from that, there is a wonderful program called the "Daily Dose program" here in the mission.  What happens, is that retired couples can apply to, and be called as Daily Dose missionaries. Their purpose and role is to go in to the houses of the people who don't speak english, and to teach them english with the program that the church has established.  This is especially useful to help us find new investigators, because the older retired couples go in to houses where the people would usually not be very receptive to our message, and soften the hearts of the people. One of the lessons is even on how to pray in english! Then, after their hearts have been softened, we are invited in to the home, and we can teach them the gospel.  It's a wonderful program! And even if they don't accept us (the full time missionaries), they can keep taking the classes, no commitment required.  Well, there used to be one retired couple, and then they called another, and these two couples got so excited that they talked with their stake presidents, and got 3 more couples called! Now this is pretty dang crazy. Especially since for some reason, they expect US to be the ones to go find them people to teach english to.....and we were kinda about to freak out because we don't even really have time to find ourselves investigators, let alone time to find people for others to teach, but then we were talking with one of our ward mission leaders for a new ward (a ward just got split, and some boundaries got readjusted) and this new ward just got an apartment complex with about 120 apartments, plus about 100 town homes, with MANY spanish people.  The ward mission leader wants to get out and get to know everybody, and was VERY excited about the option of taking these wonderful new and excited daily dose missionaries around to all of the doors to see if they can't get some students for them. It's exactly what all parties needed, at exactly the right time.  It's incredible how God's timing works so perfectly every time :D

Well, I gotta go! This should be a really good week. I think that we actually get to stay in our area all week! (Not including a couple short unexpected trips to Provo of course.....) Should be a wonderful, miracle filled week!

Love to all!
Elder Williams

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