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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 6, 2012

This week has been wonderful! Despite the fact that I've been sick all week...I'm not sure if I mentioned that in my email last week, but we were at a house last Sunday evening I believe, and there was a sick baby in the house.  This baby ALWAYS tries to climb up me (and even Elder Jensen every once in awhile) as if I were some kind of mountain worthy of being traversed...well anyways, I for some reason was letting it climb, and I guess it got too close, and it got me sick! That night I felt the little itch in the back of my throat, and the next morning the fun began.  We tried to go out and teach some people, but weren't having any luck whatsoever, so we went back to the house, and I slept like a baby. On Thursday we were supposed to go out to Vernal the Assistants to the President to do some exchanges with the elders out there, but I was basically bed-ridden and would not have been much of an asset to the missionaries out there, so my companion pawned me off on some other missionaries, and I spent the day between them and another companionship. We went out and did some work, but it was just basically a day of getting baby-sat. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to just sit and chat with some of the other missionaries in our zone, and I really learned a lot about them, and fully enjoyed the experience.  Friday my companion came back, and we were able to get out and do some work!  On Sunday I thought I was finally feeling better, and we went to church (at 8:30 in the morning). I realized quite quickly that I was still pretty sick. I was trying to sing the opening hymn, and my voice was not working at all...I'm sure I sounded like a cow  trying to sing in pig-latin...anyways, after that we went back to the house, ate, and I crashed. My first real Sunday afternoon nap in a LONG TIME! It was wonderful! Then we went out and taught some more in the evening. Monday was p-day, but nothing was open so we really didn't do much. Yesterday was an incredible day! We had our September ZLC (Zone Leader Council). We all met up at the mission home, and then found out that we were in for a surprise! Out in Goshen (Just a little bit further south than Santaquin) they have built a movie set, to be able to make the church videos about Jesus Christ (If you've seen any of the new ones on, this is where it was filmed) And we got a guided tour through the entire set! It was incredible! We were basically walking through a mini version of Jerusalem. After the tour, we sat down in the middle of this mini city, ate lunch, and then had our meeting. It was pretty incredible. This place is gated off, and nobody can get in or out without permission, so after the tour ended, and the guide left, we were left alone in this city. Nobody walking by, no traffic, no noises, no nothing. I quite enjoyed it! The only annoying thing was the lack of a table to write on....but that's alright.

This last week we've been having some miracles happen! We had a lady who is from California come over here to Utah, and by bad luck, she was with the wrong people at the wrong time, and the police showed up, and she (as well as the others) were all taken to the county jail, where she's been spending the last three months. Well, she got out, and has been living with a recent convert while she waits to go back to California (She isn't allowed to leave the state). So while she was in jail, she started going to church (The LDS church provided church services for those in jail) and began to read the Book of Mormon. She has basically completely changed her entire perspective on life, and is doing INCREDIBLE! She came to church this last Sunday, and was basically crying the entire time. She's been finding verses from the Book of Mormon that explain exactly how she feels, and are exactly what she wants to hear, see, and feel. It's pretty incredible!  We're really really really excited to see where this goes with her!

Apart from that, we picked up an awesome new investigator this week! His name is Julio. He was at the house of a guy who we've been trying to visit who's really not that interested at we dropped the other guy, and now we're visiting this guy at his house!  He's a very simple guy, who really understands the things we teach. We tell him something, and he says: "Of course, that makes complete sense!" His young daughter is excited too (She to go buy a candy bar, but her dad didn't have any $1 bills, so I gave her one, and she went and bought candy! and now she loves the missionaries!  It was almost awkward though because we were teaching the second lesson, and she asked her dad: "So how did my spirit get from heaven in to mommy's belly? He wittingly avoided the question, and life continued on happily :D

Apart from that, life has been pretty calm. we're driving around like lunatics, preaching the gospel like obsessed people (you could say we're obsessed with the gospel...), and been loving every moment of it (Except the being sick part...).

Also, my birthday is this next Sunday, so I've been having a lot of fun inviting people that I've never met before to come to church as their birthday present to me!  It's surprising how many people have actually said that they're going to come! It's really fun to joke around with Hispanics.  I love it!  The fun part is when they ask me if I'm going to go get wasted for my 21st birthday...I think it shocks some of them when I tell them that I'm not planning on ever drinking beer in my life....(not to mention that I'm allergic to it as well... :P)

anyways, love to everyone!

Elder Williams

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