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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

This week was a really good week!  We ended up having to drop a bunch of people who haven't been progressing, but with the extra time, we've been able to find some new people to teach as well! There is a man who lives here in our area who I believe is pentecostal. Him and his wife actually apparently go out and do some preaching of their own. Well, when we knocked on their door, the husband was really receptive, and we shared with him the message of the restoration. He seemed quite intrigued, and was listening attentively. He asked some awesome questions, and we left him to pray and read the Book of Mormon. When we came back about a week later (We had some crazy stuff come up and weren't able to get back any sooner) they let us in, and told us that his wife was going back to Mexico. (I think there are some family problems, and her mother might be close to passing away).  I was surprised how accepting of us they were, and how much they opened up to people that they're really never met before, and everything. We left them to read from the beginning of the Book of Mormon where it talks about Lehi and his family having to leave everything behind to go do hard things, and hopefully they read it. By the time we left, they were in tears. Unfortunately, the wife is now back in Mexico, but we're excited to go teach the husband again tonight.

So lately my companion and I have been diagramming the Book of Mormon (aka we made a list of all of the chapters in the Book of Mormon and are now writing by each chapter just the very basics, such as who is talking, and what's going on) And we're linking together all the chapters that are a connected. For example, we linked 1 NE 3-4 because they're both about getting the brass plates. It's been pretty incredible, because the order of things in the Book of Mormon is really starting to make a whole lot of sense, and I'm beginning to understand a little bit more the whole context of when things are going on, and why, and all that great stuff!  Also, We've been trying to memorize the whole entire Sermon on the Mount (in Spanish) Book of Mormon version. It's been actually kinda hard. I was surprised. The order of things is impeccable, and it's hard to get things just right. I can't even imagine hearing those words first hand for the very first time, by the very mouth of Jesus, and just having my mind completely blown! It would be pretty fun, I gotta admit!

Well, the church is true. I get a greater knowledge of that every day. It's slightly unfortunate because the more miracles I see, and the greater testimony I receive, the harder I have to work to make sure that I'm exercising my faith, because lots of things are no longer faith, they're knowledge, but I'm alright with that! ;).

Love to all!
Elder Williams

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