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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

This week was absolutely crazy! We spent all Tuesday driving to Provo, then Roosevelt, and back to Provo, Wednesday (July 4th) we marched in the Provo Parade, then drove back out to Roosevelt, and back to Heber. Thursday, we had to drive all the way out to Vernal, and got back at about 5, and finally got to do some proselyting! YAY!  Besides being out of town for half of the week, things went really well! Nobody told us to "go read the Bible" this week which is always a nice thing.  We've been meeting a lot of really cool people who are interested in learning more about the gospel, but it seems like pretty much all of the live in either Park City, or up in Salt Lake.  Seeing as I was born in Salt Lake, it's always interesting to hear about what's going on up there. It seems somewhat strange though, because it seems like all of the people who live here in Heber, are always going up to Salt Lake and Park City, and everybody up there is always passing through Heber. I'm not sure I understand, but that's alright. Unfortunately, seeing as we weren't here in Heber for most of the week, I really don't have all that much to share this week. I've been studying some stuff in my personal study lately though which has been pretty enlightening. I read Abraham chapter 3. Most people read just verses 22-23, but as I read it, I especially liked verses 24-25. It's really nothing new, but I enjoyed it. Apart from that, I've been studying King Benjamin's discourse. I find it interesting that King Benjamin invited his people to come up to the temple, in order to give them a new name to distinguish them from the other people brought from the land of Jerusalem (Mosiah 1:11), called them to repentance, and then they all wanted to make covenants. After reading that part, I continued on to Mosiah chapter three where King Benjamin basically throws down. I was meditating on that when my companion and I started talking about something I found very interesting. I think there was a verse in there somewhere that talked about judging people, and how we are welcome to judge people, but we have to judge righteous judgement.  My companion then mentioned that in order to recognize people, we have to judge them.  For example, when people see me, and then I come back for a second time, people are able to recognize me because they think: Oh my goodness, the massive white guy with light brown hair and a blue backpack is talking to me in Spanish again!  Or if someone has a mole or something on their face, you recognize them for that. It's not that we're making fun of them for their physical attributes, but the only way that we can recognize somebody, is by judging them in some way, shape, or form.  I found that pretty interesting.  I'll have to keep studying on what the scriptures say about judging others.

Anyways, Have a great week!
Elder Williams

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