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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Transfers are coming this week!! But I will be staying with my companion Elder Jensen again. This is the third transfer we will have had together, for a total of about 4 months.  Pretty much everyone else in our zone is training new missionaries though. I believe that there are about 22 new missionaries coming in this Wednesday, and we will be getting more than a quarter of the new missionaries in our zone, and lucky me, I get to drive the transfer van all the way out to vernal to drop them all off! another 5 or so hours driving on Wednesday, and then back out there again on Thursday. Don't worry, we're driving a TON, but we still get some time in our area. I'm not sure if I mentioned this last week, but there's this one guy that we've started teaching, his name is Beto, who is ALWAYS outside with his friends drinking every single night! It's pretty impressive actually! For some reason, when we've gone over there, it seems like every time we go talk to them, he's super friendly, and interested (even if he is drunk). So we got to teach him twice now, and he's told us that he wants to "meterme en su religion" (Become a part of our religion) and that he wants to quit drinking, and start doing things right. We took away all of his beer cans that he had there, and told him to not drink until we came the next day. When we stopped by the next day he wasn't there, but we stopped by again yesterday, and he was there with all his friends who were drinking, and he had a massive jug of tomato juice that he was drinking! I gotta give that guy some serious props. I think he can do it! He also mentioned that he wants to come to church, and that he will be there next week. We are REALLY REALLY excited to see what happens with this guy.

Interesting story: Up until this last P-day we've been having to take all of our laundry to the laundromat to get it washed, but this last week we helped a family move in to an apartment, that already had a washer and dryer installed. Aka, they didn't need to use their own washer and dryer, and were looking for somewhere to store it. We quickly, and happily suggested our apartment :D and they consented. So we went to install the washer and dryer, and we realized three things very quickly. #1, one of the tubes to connect the faucet on the wall to the washer was bent badly enough that we could not even get it on, #2, we didn't have one of the aluminum lint tubes to go between the wall and the dryer, and #3, the power cord on the dryer was three pronged, and the outlet on the wall was 4 pronged....about an hour later, and $40 poorer we showed up, and hooked everything up, turned on the faucets, and they started leaking.....aka, p-day ruined. We went and requested a repair-man from the apartment complex, and went and waited at the house. About an hour later he showed up, and about an hour after that, finally got the faucets to stop leaking. (We found out that he was an in-active member and committed him to go back to church though :D)  But now we have a washer and dryer in our house, and we don't have to go to the laundromat every week! :D YAY!

This Saturday, I got to go back to Payson and baptize somebody! That was a pretty cool experience. It was a lady that I taught while I was there about a year ago, and apparently she wanted me to baptize her! It was really cool! A ton of missionaries showed up, and even our mission president showed up. It was SWEET!

Well that's about it for this week. Interesting sidenote. We've been collecting some pamphlets and brochures and things from other churches, and I took some time to look through them and study them this week, and it was a pretty revealing experience. I was really surprised at how much confusion there is in a lot of the churches about certain things. Many don't believe that God has a body, just that he is a big spirit up in the sky somewhere, others don't even believe that we have spirits ourselves... I am SOOO grateful for the revelation that we are able to receive from the living day prophets who cut out all confusion whatsoever, and tell us where the truth is, and how we can apply it in to our lives.  The gospel from the perspective of our church goes SOOOOOOO deep. The roots almost never end. I mean no disrespect to any other religion, but I fail to see the depth, and perspective that we have a members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in their doctrine.  There is a lack of understanding of the progression that God has planned for us.  I am interested in further study to strengthen my testimony of this divine church, gospel, and work. This church is true. It has the answer to EVERYTHING!

Elder Williams

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