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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23, 2012

This week we had some pretty interesting experiences! First of all, on last monday evening we went to the house of a family of investigators to teach them. This family has been pretty incredible. We started teaching the mother by knocking on her door, and little by little, the rest of the family (except for the dad) have been coming and sitting in on the lessons. This time was no different, and even the 3 year old girl Ruby came in to participate in the lesson. After about 30 seconds, Ruby started basically going crazy (all with a crazy big smile on her face of course). We were teaching the restoration of the gospel, and had given pamphlets to everyone. So of course she runs right up to me, and grabs my pamphlet. That was alright with me, but then she started spinning in circles, and threw the pamphlet in the air! So then I picked it up quickly, and she ran over to me and wanted to grab it again. So I asked: "are you going to throw this in the air again?" "NO! She responded" So I gave it to her, and she instantly commenced spinning around in circles and threw it again! Then she started head-butting us, yelling, and basically just being annoying. Her sister tried to grab her and calm her down, but she just started screaming even more. Fun stuff. If only you know how loud she got when we started sharing the story of Joseph Smith! Incredibly though, in spite of the distractions, the family understood what had happened, and the incredible story of Joseph Smith! It was pretty cool. We went back a couple of days later, and only the mother was home, but she let us in, and we talked with her about everything we've been teaching, asked if she had any questions, and she started asking questions. We invited her to get baptized, and she said that she would pray about it. It should be interesting because she just barely got a job, and they make her work on the weekends (aka sunday) but I'm pretty sure that we can work through that. We're pretty excited about this family. Besides that, this tuesday we had a leadership training which was pretty awesome, Thursday we went out to vernal and went on splits with some other missionaries which was a pretty awesome experience by the way. I always love going in to another area and not having to worry about where to go, or what to do, just following along and making the most of the situations you're put in, teaching and testifying always.  We got back in to Heber friday afternoon just in time for dinner. Saturday we helped a guy move, and did some of our weekly planning session. Sunday we went to church, finished our planning session, and met one of the stake presidents in our area. It's been a pretty eventful week, but I'm definitely excited to get back to work this week and hopefully teach some of our own investigators here in our area.  We ALMOST had a really cool experience this week. haha. There's a less active family here, and they can't go to the spanish branch because the husband has to work on sunday mornings and doesn't get back until about 11:30, and church ends at 11:30 at the spanish branch. So we went over there, and offered to take him and his family to an english ward and translate everything for them. I was pretty excited because I absolutely love translating! But sunday rolled around, and they didn't show up to church. We went to their house, and either nobody was there, or they just didn't answer the door. I was pretty disappointed, but we're faithful that they will come this next week.

It's incredible how true this work is. There are wayyyy too many "coincidences" for this to not be true. My testimony of this work, and the Book of Mormon and Restoration is growing daily.  I LOVE IT!

Elder Williams

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