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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 3012

Reminder that the Mission Home office address has changed to:  Elder Thomas Williams (line 2) Utah Provo Mission (line3) 85 North 600 East (line 4) Provo, UT 85606.  Elder Williams would love to get some mail if you feel like writing a note.

Holy cow, it's incredible how much your life can change in a matter of days. I've been basically in the Provo/Orem part of the Valley for the last 20 months, and now here I am in Heber.  This last week has been pretty crazy! So we had transfers on wednesday, and as I've mentioned, I got transferred to Heber. Elder Jensen and I are back together, and we are the zone leaders over the Eastern Utah Zone. aka, we are over the missionaries about 2 1/2-3 hours to the east, all the way out in Vernal. Well, I'm one of the few missionaries authorized to drive the massive 12 passenger van, so I was asked to drive all of the elder from Roosevelt (about 2 hours to the east) and vernal with all of their stuff out to Roosevelt, where they would go to their respective areas. Well, about 2-3 hours later, we arrived in Roosevelt, everyone took their stuff out of the van and trailer, and then Elder Jensen and I got to drive all the way back to provo to drop off the van, and then climb in our truck (yes we have a pickup truck!! :D) and drive the 30 minutes back to Heber.  So that was about 6-7 hours of driving my first day.  The next day, we had to go back out to Roosevelt for a meeting with the missionaries there, and then another 40 minutes out to vernal for another meeting with them, and then drive back to Heber. Aka, in my first two days in this area, we spent about 12-13 hours driving.  Fortunately, for the rest of the transfer, we only have to go out there about 2-3 more times (Unless something crazy happens which we're praying doesn't).

As far as my current area, It's been a little bit rough. I really haven't been able to meet very many of our investigators yet. Only one of them came to church, and haven't been answering the door. There's a LOT of work to be done here. For some reason, the people here are a lot different than the people in the valley. It will be interesting to get to know them better, and to get to know the difference in culture.  It seems like all of the latinos here are from Guerrero, or Michuakan (sp?)  However, there is one thing here that I absolutely love: DAIRY KEEN! There is a restaurant here that has agreed to let missionaries (all 8 of us here in Heber) to come and eat there for lunch FOR FREE twice a week. AND THEY HAVE GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS! It's pretty sweet! I've already gone there twice and gotten gluten free hamburgers. It's pretty awesome. Besides that, there's also a Dominos Pizza here who has said that I can come in and get a gluten free pizza once a week as well :D

Another interesting couple things. We share the spanish branch here with 2 other spanish missionaries! It's the only ward/branch in all of our mission that has 2 sets of missionaries. It's pretty fun to always be near, and around another set of spanish missionaries. It's the first time that that's really happened with me.

Finally, I got to give a talk this sunday at church. It's incredible to think back to my first time giving a talk in spanish, and to think that now, it's really not all that much of a big deal :D

Anyways, love ya all!
Elder Williams

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