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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 14, 2012

Week of miracles AGAIN!!  One of the cool things that happened was this: We've been meaning to have a lesson with her for about a month, but they keep cancelling. Well, she cancelled an appointment with us on Saturday night at 8, but we decided to go contact her neighbor at 8 for some reason. Well, just as we were driving up, we saw them driving off (and they saw us as well). Apparently she felt really bad, because they actually turned around, came back, and let us in to teach her. We talked to her about how she's been with reading and everything, she said she'd been reading and stuff, then we asked her if she'd been thinking about baptism, and she said "Yes, I've actually been thinking about a date as well." (we were planning on putting her on date for the 26th of May) We asked her if she'd been thinking about the 26th of May, and she said "Actually sooner than that..." She wants to be baptized the 19th of this month. That's this next Saturday! Unfortunately there's still a lot of preparation she needs to be baptized, but either this week or the next week she will be baptized by her husband!!! HOLY COW!!!  After that, there wasn't much time left, but we decided to go contact another family that we haven't seen in awhile. As it turns out, they have doubled in number (Their extended family has now moved in to live with them) and they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! They are super excited to learn about the restored gospel, and they ALMOST came to church yesterday. That would have been INCREDIBLE!  In any case, it was a night full of miracles.  Basically the last couple of days have been all about miracles. It appears that we always just happen to be where we need to be, and when we need to be. It's pretty entertaining. Hopefully our streak doesn't end. We've been praying for miracles every single day, and even been making miracle boxes in our planners and checking it off when we see miracles happen. It's incredible to see the hand of the Lord in our lives, and the more we recognize it, the more it comes!

My new companion: Elder Bishop! He's from Kansas city, Kansas. He's white, tall, loves basketball, loves frisbee, loves to play the piano, plays the trumpet, has been out for about 16 months, has served with about 4 of my same companions, had 3 of the same areas, and we're basically just the same person, except we're different. It's quite fun. Oh, and he's pretty tall too. (Not as tall as me, but he does pretty decent.

Oh, last experience: We got a call the other day, and this guy from the ward told us that one of his friends' (non-member) sons (about 25 years old) Had been hit by a car a couple of days ago, and was in a coma in the hospital, and that his friend had said that it would be alright if the missionaries came to give him a blessing. So we got to go in to the hospital, and give this man a blessing. It was a pretty incredible experience. He didn't get up and walk or anything like that, he didn't even flinch a muscle as far as I could tell, but the spirit of the Lord was strong there and everyone in that room was consoled with the knowledge that the Lord's will would be done, and that everything would be alright in the end.  I love this work! It's incredible!

In any case, gotta go
Love you all!
Elder Williams

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