Tommy's Release Date

Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Yet another miracle!

Yesterday we were at church, and one of our investigators didn't show up, so we decided to go to his house (just a couple blocks away) and bring him to church.  As we were on the sidewalk walking towards his house, we walked into a man with VERY dark skin. He was walking towards the church with a Book of Mormon in his hand.  We talked to him for a few moments, found out that he was from Haiti, and that the missionaries had taught him before, but he was planning on going back to Haiti at that point, but he ended up never leaving, and he moved and didn't know how to get in contact with the missionaries.  Well, on this Easter Sunday, he felt the impression that he should get dressed up, and come to church. He was really scared because he didn't know anybody, was concerned about his English being good enough to figure stuff out, and had no idea if the services would even be going on, but he dressed up, grabbed his book of Mormon, and started walking to church.  We found him on his way.  I can only imagine how he felt as he saw us walking towards him. He was lost, and had no idea where to go, or what to do, and God sent us. He put us in his path, to help him. We took him to the chapel, introduced him to the English bishop who was VERY excited to meet him, and he was able to go to the last hour of church with the Elder's quorum.  It is INCREDIBLE how God can put us exactly where he needs us, for who he wants us to help.

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