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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sometime in the middle of April

Since last week, life has been absolutely crazy! I've had basically no time to do ANYTHING. On Monday we had p-day, and played soccer with a bunch of other missionaries (I voted for ultimate frisbee, but there's an AP from England who outranks me who wanted to play soccer, as well as a Brazilian missionary who's pretty dang incredible at it, so I didn't complain too much). I have realized however, that I am basically not very good at all at soccer. It's not my sport. My legs hurt for about 3 days after we played as well. It appears that I'm getting pretty out of shape! ugh. Tuesday we had lessons all day, and had to plan a training to give at Zone Conference. Wednesday we had an all day zone conference (8:30-3:30) which sapped up the majority of the day, and taught lessons all evening, Thursday we had a District Training Meeting (DTM) with one of our districts, did Zone Leader interviews afterwards, went to lunch, and then tried to salvage the afternoon, Friday we had another DTM, more Zone Leader interviews, and then weekly planning, then taught lessons in the evening. Saturday was full of baptismal interviews, contacting in parking lots (awkward, but yet quite interesting. I've discovered that I have a really hard time with going obviously out of my way to talk to people. I find it extremely awkward. However, I am starting to overcome that hopefully. Sunday was filled with CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH! This Sunday was pretty exciting. We had Elder Alonso from the first quorum of the seventy come to the sacrament meeting of the branch that we cover. That was pretty awesome. He actually stayed the entire 3 hours, and taught a lesson for the combined priesthood meeting the third hour. That was pretty dang incredible. He talked about Luke 5:1-10. I'd explain it, but I'm short on time. We had some pretty cool "coincidences" happen this week. We were trying to find a guy that apparently doesn't usually open the door to the missionaries, but when he does, the lessons are incredible, and both times that we went there he happened to be outside, and we had some pretty incredible lessons with him.  Interesting story actually. He's in probably his mid twenties, and he's got this girlfriend who is a catholic. However, she never goes to church, has no idea what the catholic beliefs are, and has never read any of the bible. Well, she also happens to be pretty much anti-Mormon, even though she knows absolutely nothing about religion in general. Well, we happened to be over there talking with this one guy (named Luis) and she shows up. Not only does she show up, but her mom shows up. We start talking politely to the mom, asking her her name, introducing ourselves (not even saying anything about religion at all) and she starts going off about how we need to respect her and her religion as much as she respects us and our religion. I'm not exactly sure how we warranted that, but whatever, we've gotten worse before.  Anyways, so they left, and we walked around back with Luis, and started teaching him. Well, about 10 minutes later, this lady comes back and starts trying to drag this guy Luis away from us saying "Hey Luis, I came here to take you out to get margaritas. Lets go. (He completely ignored her, didn't even look at her) then she started hissing things like "Be strong! Be strong! Don't let them trick you"  I was fully considering going and ripping this lady apart from top to bottom explaining to her exactly why she should go crawl in to a hole and pray for forgiveness until the second coming, while quoting nothing but the bible that she believes in but has never read, but fortunately it appeared that Luis was just as annoyed as I was at the hypocrisy of this lady, and completely ignored her, so I chose to do the same.  It became quite apparent that she did not respect our religion as she had said.  It's very interesting the kinds of experiences that you have as a missionary.  If only people actually knew what they believed, and had open hearts, then we could just show them, and they would accept it because it IS THE TRUTH! but I'm getting somewhat tired of people who say "You're wrong, because I'm right, even if I have no idea what I believe" It's somewhat difficult to teach people with that attitude.

In any case, all is well, the work continues, and THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Otherwise there would be no opposition. Every step the adversary takes augments my testimony of this divine work, and my divine calling.

Love to all!
Elder Williams

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