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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Our mission president has challenged us to go do at least a half an hour of contacting every single day apart from knocking doors. He said to just go find a corner somewhere, and talk with everybody that walks by.  Well, we decided to do that, and we've been seeing some pretty cool things happening (besides all of the sun-burn :P).  The other day we decided to go spend that time walking in front of a strip mall here in our area. We didn't go in any of the store, or camp out in front of any store in particular so that nobody would get mad, just kinda walked by and talked with people. Well, we were walking, and we saw these three Hispanic guys walking towards us.  As we got closer, one of them actually said "hola" to us before we said anything to them (A pleasant surprise). What was ever cooler was when we found out that they were from Guatemala, non-members, and wanted to learn about the gospel! Unfortunately for us, they live clear out in Delta Utah (A couple hours north I think?) So we can't teach them, but we sent off the referral, and hopefully the missionaries arrive there to their house sometime this week!  Directly after that experience we decided to go walking through a park (it was a Saturday afternoon, and we thought that maybe there would be some people there) So we went. When we got there we noticed two things. First of all, there was a big group of people from the Spanish ward having a birthday party for some kid, and secondly there was a Hispanic looking guy playing basketball by himself. We were going to go over to the party, but then we decided for some reason to go over and to talk with the guy playing by himself. It turns out that he wasn't Hispanic at all, but he was a Native American. He speaks Navaho, and English perfectly. He tried to teach us some words, but it's surprisingly difficult.  Anyways, we played a little basketball with him (I think my companion is starting to get really annoyed with me and how much I always want to play basketball.....but in this case it was a good opportunity :D) and we talked about him. Apparently he was baptized in to the church (The LDS Church) when he was about 12-13, and went to church faithfully till he was about 18, but then he moved, and he's been inactive for the last 30 years since then. He now smokes and drinks and does drugs and stuff, but he was very interested to talk to us, and he wants to change his life and come back to church. After playing for a little while (a couple of the adults from the Spanish ward saw us playing and came over to fellowship and see what was happening, and ended up playing some ball with us) the guy invited us to go back to his house for some water. We went, and talked a little bit more about the Plan of Salvation, and how God loves us.  I'm excited to see if we can't help this guy change his life back to the way it should be.  Later that night, we were out and a lesson cancelled. Well, we were kinda sad at first, but then we saw these two guys working on a couple cars on our way back to our car, and decided to go talk to them. We had an utterfully delightful conversation with them, and we're going back there to teach them some more this week!  We were starting to get worried about our area here because it seems like everyone we've been teaching have gone stagnant and aren't really progressing, and don't really want to act, but it appears that we're finding some new people to teach so that's a good thing.
Life is awesome, we're seeing miracles every day (some days more than others, but still).  This last week or so has been pretty humbling as well. We'll see what adventures this next week decided to bring us.
Also, I've been memorizing The Living Christ (I actually started before I found out that Kimberly was memorizing it as well.....) and it's pretty incredible thinking over all of the incredible things that Jesus has done, and all of the promised things that he still will do.  It's honestly kinda boring to just read through, for some reason I have a hard time focusing on it, but while taking the effort to memorize it, it's come alive.  We've been memorizing things like crazy for some reason here. We memorized the oath and covenant of the Priesthood, the Living Christ, and some other stuff. It's pretty brain stimulating, especially when it's about Jesus Christ.
I've also been reading through Doctrine and Covenants. It's incredible all of the things that are found there! It's interesting to discover as well where all of the cliche sayings in the church come from. I've realized that the majority of them come from the D&C. Fun stuff.
Last thing: una adivinanza:
Question: Porque es que el nino llevo su escalera a su primer dia de la escuela
Answer: Porque fue su primer dia del HIGH school...
Yeah it's not that funny, but I laughed when I heard it!
Love to all
Elder Williams

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