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Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

The work has been a little bit frustrating lately, but there are definitely little miracles intermixed within the goop.  We've been trying to get everybody to go to church. We had about 8-9 people last week that promised that they would go to church, and another 8-9 this week who also promised that they would go.  Last week we had 0 actually show up, and this week we had only 2.  We're not really sure what's holding people up. It seems like they are legitimate about coming when we invite them, but then something happens and they don't show up. I'm not sure if it's laziness, or what not, but I really don't understand it.  We're going to have to make it super clear to them why we invite them I was thinking something as follows:
What is the purpose of life?:
The scriptures say the following: Alma 34-32: "this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God, behold the day is this life, is the day for men to perform their labors"
-So the purpose of life is to prepare to meet God? Do you believe that?  If you were to die right now in this instant do you think you'd be ready to stand before God and enter in to celestial glory?  Why are you wasting your time with everything that has nothing to do with your salvation? Sure, sunday is a great day to go out and go for a drive, or to play soccer, or stay at home and do nothing, but that does you NO good.  Get yourself off your couch, and come to church!
So many people say "Yes, God is my #1, yes my purpose is to return to live with God" but it seems like nobody actually does anything to back that statement up. "They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk."  "Actions speak louder than words"....there are so many idiomatic expressions that express the same thing, but nobody seems to actually understand the principle, that if you don't act, nothing every gets done.
As frustrating as it is to try to help people receive salvation who are too lethargic to get out of bed to show up to church at 1 o clock in the afternoon on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, or to actually be at home when we have an appointment set up, We've been seeing some pretty awesome things happen. It seems like we're always in the exact right place where we need to be to find the people that we need to find.  The other day we were knocking some doors at an apartment complex, and this Hispanic guy comes walking up, so we talked to him.  Turns out he's from Oregon! And he's been here in Utah for about 2 weeks. The missionaries were teaching him there in Oregon, and he was going to church and everything, but when he moved here, he didn't really know where to go to get in contact with the missionaries or find out where the church is.  In another instance, we were talking with a family last night who when we invited them about a month ago to come to church had said "no", and when we invited them again, we found out that they thought they had to be baptized in to our church before they could come to the Sunday services. When we told them they didn't have to be baptized to come to church, they excitedly accepted the invitation, and said "We're coming to church the next couple weeks, and if we like it, we'll keep coming, and probably get baptized!
Last cool experience. We got a phone call the other day from a man, telling us that he had a friend who was a non-member who wanted a blessing, and to possibly talk with the missionaries.  We set up an appointment, and yesterday we were able to go over there an give her an incredible blessing.  She's probably about 20 years old, and has a brain tumor, and is scared that she's going to have to have surgery and everything.  It was pretty incredible, the entire family was there (all non-members) and the fellowshipper anointed her, and then I pronounced a blessing upon her. As we did that, the spirit filled the room, and everybody felt the power and the holy ghost confirming to them that this act was done by the proper authority.  We have an appointment with all of them tomorrow :D
Love ya!  Btw, today is my mom's birthday, so go do nice stuff for her today!
Elder Williams!!!!!

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