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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, January 2, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEARS!  Is it weird to say that New Years Eve, and New Year’s day felt just like completely normal days?  I can hardly believe it's already 2012 though. Let's just hope the world doesn't end soon so I can keep being a missionary.   This week was awesome!

Some miracles from this week:  There is a guy we've been trying to teach for a while, and is honestly an incredible man. He's about 22 years old, and works from 4 in the morning till about 8 at night 7 days a week. That makes him kinda hard to find, but when we do come in contact with him, it's pretty incredible.  We came in contact with him my first week in this area when he showed up to church. Since then, if there is any possible way that he can make it to church, he's there. I remember one Sunday that he got off of work at 7, got home at 8 (he has a 1 hour commute) made it to church at 9, stayed the whole time, and had to get back to work by 2 in the afternoon.  Well, we'd talked with him about baptism, but never really got any answers from him. Well, we randomly stopped by a couple days ago, and without us even asking he tells us, "I think I want to get baptized in February. He's decided that he wants to make the commitment, because he really feels like it's a necessity. He said he's going to go ask his boss to give him at least every other Sunday off, or at least enough time to come to church, so that he can make that commitment.  Did I mention that this guy is incredible?

Other news, we got our transfer calls, and I'm getting moved to a different area. I'm kinda happy, kinda sad about this. It's going to be hard to leave behind all the people I've been teaching, and all the people who have come unto Christ, but I'm also excited to get to know a new area, new people, new companion, and everything.  The only thing is that I'm going to an area that doesn't have a car, so I will be either riding a bike everywhere, or if there's snow, probably walking or getting rides. It's probably a good thing though. I could use a little bit more exercise.  I'm going to be in the Orem North area with Elder Harker. He's been out about 4-5 months from what I've heard, and loves the piano. Sounds like a pretty good mix. I guess we'll see.

Besides that, we were in a lesson with another lady that we've been teaching, and we were talking about prayer and receiving answers to prayer. We've been inviting her to pray about our message to know if it's true, and she's been kinda half doing it. While we were talking to her about it, I got the impression to ask her mother if she had asked and received an answer about it, so we asked her. We asked her if she had prayed about our message that we've been sharing. She said "Yes I have" We asked if she felt like she'd received an answer. She's usually very quiet, and doesn't really look at us much, but she looked right at us and said "yes, I feel something, and I know it's true."  What an incredible family they are. I wish I could stay in this area a little longer and see what happens with them, but I guess I'll just have to keep in touch and pray for them.

We had another incredible experience with a less-active white English speaking member named Brian.  One night Elder Bosch and I were driving around trying to figure out what to do, when Elder Bosch pointed out a house and said "let’s go knock it," so we went. I don't have much time to explain everything that has happened between us and him, but miracles are occurring in his life. He is in the process of completely changing is life. In only the three visits that we've had, he's decided on his on pretty much that he's going to quit smoking, drinking, and he's going to go to church and put a major effort in to it. When we committed him to all of it, he even called all of his family and wanted them to all be witnesses and to help him out with the commitment to change his life. Pretty incredible stuff.

Anyways, my time is gone.  Once again, I exhort you all (Gotta love scriptural terms) to read the Book of Mormon. Pray to find answers, pray to know if it's true, and then search. I promise you all that it's worth your time, and that it could very possibly change your life.

Elder Williams

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