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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Bike Tried to Eat Me

So my bike tried to eat me this last week. It was kinda exciting....kinda not.  It all started on the way back to our house after going to get hair-cuts on Friday during our lunch break.  We were of course racing back to the house, and suddenly my foot slipped off the pedal.  My toe kicked the wheel, and my leg found refuge between the spinning tire of the bike, and the metal frame of the bike. Of course I didn't really realize what was happening, and so I cranked the handlebars back straight, clinching my leg even tighter between the wheel and the frame.  Fortunately, my leg works as a really good brake (Who would have known) and my bike slowed down pretty quickly.  I finally got the bike under control, and figure out how to get my leg unstuck, and got the bike stopped.  the tire burned through part of my pants, ripped my sock to shreds, and left me with some nice rubber burns.  My companion came back to see if I was alright, but I just got back on and rode the rest of the way home as fast as possible. I wanted to get home before it started to hurt, and right as we got home, it began. I washed it off as best as I could (That hurt pretty dang bad) and then did what I could to take care of it.  I'm pretty convinced my bike doesn't like me. First off, my first bike was stolen, then about a week ago the back brake locked up for some weird reason on our way home one night, and I had to ride a couple of miles with the bike brake about half way applied, and now it tries to eat me. I think we're going to have a heart to heart and see why my bike doesn't like me.  Hopefully we get somewhere.....Oh, and there's a really nice lady in the ward who has been taking care of me. We go over there every morning and every night for about 15 minutes so that she can rebandage me up. Good stuff!

Andrea Ojeda got baptized this week!!!!!!  That was probably one of the funnest baptisms I've been to. She was pretty much glowing the entire time! She and her mom and the only members in her family, but the rest of the family showed up, and the dad was crying pretty good during the service.  We went up and talked to him afterwards, and he said he's not really interested, but I think he'll come around soon.  He just needs to realize that he need the same change in his life that he's seen in his daughter's life.. Did I mention that Andrea goes to beauty school and gave up a the trip of her dreams to a beauty thing in California, so that she could get baptized?! She's an incredible example to me.

Other awesome news: I'm not sure if I mentioned this last week, but on Wednesday I got to drive the Transfer Van! It's a massive 15 passenger van, and somehow I got picked to drive it!  It was pretty legit. I don't think I've ever driven anything like it before.  Oh, and the reason is because we had a big zone conference, and I got chosen to play taxi.  We got to keep the van for the rest of that night, and in to the morning as well, so instead of showing up on bikes to all of our appointments, we showed up in a massive van.  It was pretty awesome.

The Mitre/Rojas parents are finally going to be able to get married, and the entire family is going to get baptized next Saturday! The divorce is finally going through for "Mama Mitre" and so they can finally take this step. They've been investigating the church for 6 years! and it's finally happening! BOO-YAH. I wish I had time to explain all the miracles that have been happening there with that family.

Thanks to everyone for your love, support, letters, and thoughts.  They are all very much appreciated!

Elder Williams

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