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Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011

Christmas is so incredible!  We were able to talk with so many new people this week, and most of them were really receptive. (and the people who didn't want to talk to us were even more blunt than ever).  One experience that we had kinda shocked me just a little bit, happened the other evening. We were trying to contact a family we hadn't see in a little while, and they were actually home! Well, we talked for a little while, read a scripture, and then invited the father of the family to try and find someone in need during this Christmas season, and to help them out in some way, whether that be to give them a hug, help them out with Christmas, or whatever that be, to help them feel the real spirit of Christmas, and of giving. Well, he said no. He would not even look for someone during the Christmas season that he could do something for.  Needless to say, I was shocked.  So many people forget about what Christmas is all about, and it makes me pretty dang sad.

On another note, we were about to find another family this week, and they're going through a pretty rough time. The father of the family got sent to jail for something, and he's going to court in a few weeks to see if he's going to get deported or not. The family had to pay $500 for the attorney to even go SEE the father of the family in jail, and so they didn't have any money at all for Christmas.  Well, we were able to talk to the bishop of the ward and he said that he knew of somebody that had offered to buy Christmas for another family, but they were still looking for someone to help, well that person ended up buying some presents for the family, and got them over there on Christmas eve! That was really cool for me to see how charitable some people really are, even if there are some others who don't want to help others at all.

Another quick story, there's a family in the southern part of my area. They've been investigating the church for YEARS and YEARS. Well, they're having a kinda rough time right now, and we've been over there trying to help them out a little bit, but we didn't really think they were progressing. Well, about a week or two ago, for some reason we didn't stop by  for about a week, and then one afternoon we decided to stop by. So anyways, when we got there, the mother was really happy to see us. She told us that they'd started to get worried that we'd been transferred and that we weren't going to be coming back. We sat down and had an incredible lesson with them that afternoon. After that, we talked with the ward mission leader of the English ward that covers that area, and we found out that they were aware of the situation of the family, and they had a lot of people who wanted to help. So pretty much everyday for the last week or so, there have been people just showing up at their house giving them plates of cookies, dog treats for their dog, presents for them, caroling, and just trying to be as friendly as humanly possible to help them through their tough time.  My companion and I made some Christmas cards for all of our investigators, and we decided to take theirs to them yesterday (Christmas). When we walked in the door, the mother was so overcome with love, and thankfulness that she came up and gave us both massive hugs.  She has truly received and felt the true spirit of Christmas.  All she ever asks of us is that we pray for her, and her family, and it's incredible to see all of the blessings that they receive.

There have been so many incredible experiences that I've had in the last couple weeks. It's also incredible to see how comfortable people can get when they have everything they want, and how they won't really take the time to listen to the messengers of God, but then something happens, and suddenly they don't have anything, and they finally start taking the time to pray, to read the book of Mormon, and actually to try to get closer to God.  So many people think salvation is easy. "Just say the name of Jesus Christ and you're saved!"  That is not even close to what Jesus taught. He taught "Leave everything behind, and follow me."  I invite you all to open your eyes, and look for what you can do to help improve the lives of those around you!

Love to all,

MERRY CHRISTMAS and feliz ano nuevo
Elder Williams

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