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Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hello all. This week was COLD! I'm glad it never gets this cold in Oregon.  Lately my companion and I have been knocking a lot of doors trying to find some people to teach. I've discovered something very peculiar from doing this. People do not know their neighbors! We go knock doors, members excitedly answer their doors, and we ask them if they know of any Latino families that live in their neighborhoods. They say, "nope, everybody here in this neighborhood are white members." We say goodbye, and go to the next door, and to our surprise, a Mexican guy opens the door, and doesn't speak hardly any English at all! How is it that people don't know their neighbors?! It makes absolutely no sense. Who cares if you're best friends, or hardly know each other, you should at least know if the guy next door speaks a different language than you.  The crazy thing is that this happens on almost a daily basis. The other fun part of knocking doors is when you get people who really just don't want to talk to you at all. They open the door, and start laughing. We ask them if we can share a short Christmas message with them and their families, and they say "NO". It's amazing how many people want nothing to do with Jesus during this time of year. The other fun part is when people tell us that they're too busy with Christmas to learn about Jesus Christ.  That one just confuses me.

Miracle of the week: we just started teaching a man named Leonardo. He has been extremely receptive to the gospel, and has been progressing a lot. Well, we somehow got out of communication this week, and weren't able to see him until yesterday. During that time, one of the men who just got baptized about a month ago found this guy at work and started sharing the Gospel with him, and telling him all of the incredible changes that he's seen in his life since he joined the church. Well, yesterday we stopped by, and not only caught Leonardo at home, but his wife and another guy named Juancarlos (not sure if he's related or not). They are all incredibly interested in learning more, and they want to come to church and everything. JuanCarlos said that he's never really had much of religion in his life at all, and that he's never ever even touched a bible. I handed him mine and said "Here you go man, touch it. This is the first step to the rest of your life." He laughed and grabbed hold of it. It's kinda silly, but I really like the symbolism that comes with that. He just grabbed on to it, and is ready to learn and accept.

It's incredible how true this church is. The thing I've been most impressed with lately is prayer. We pray a LOT as missionaries, but the thing is, it always works. Everything that we pray to GOD brings answers, and brings incredible changes to my life, and the lives of the people that we teach here in Utah.

I hope that everyone can take a look at themselves this Christmas, and do something for someone else. Go the extra mile, or for some of you, go the first mile. :P I know that's where I'm at for sure.

Love to all, and Feliz Navidad!
Elder Williams

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