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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 12, 2011

So for the last couple months that I've been in this area, I've been telling everybody how much I love picante (spicy stuff).  Well it just so happens that I got food poisoning this week. Friday morning, I was laying in bed at about 1 o clock in the morning, and I got this terrible feeling. It's the feeling you get when you know that you're about to have to take a very unwanted trip to the bathroon, but you reallly really really don't want to ge up, and get out of bed. Well, the feeling got worse, and worse, and worse, until suddenly my smach surged, and I started running for the bathroom (In complete darkness). I only made it to the garbage can in the hallway. Between then and about 24 hours later, the bathroom and I became very good friends.  So the next day, I was feeling pretty good, and I decided to go out and work. The day started off pretty decently, up until dinner with an investigator. They remembered how much I said that I loved spicy food, so they made ceviche (sp?) which is basically raw shrimp, and some other stuff. Another thing about ceviche, is that it is pretty much ALWAYS super spicy, and has lots of lemon and other things like that. Well, I got through my first bowl, and couldn't take any more.  The acids have been destroying my stomach ever since.  I hope that I never have that happen to me again.
You know something I've been having a hard time understanding lately? How it is that people get started worshiping or praying to things other than God. I kinda understand the Catholics worshipping the Saints, that makes sense, and even though I disagree with that practice, I can understand where it came from, but there are some other things that people pray to that just scare me.  Yesterday we were talking with a man, and he told us that he prays to something called "La santissima muerte" (The holy death) or something like that. He showed us a tattoo he has of it, and it's basically like the Grim Reaper. I respect his belief of course, but it honestly scares me to think about people praying to the grim reaper, or to death, and I don't understand where these ideas come from. He said he wants to stop, but he feels like if he doesn't keep praying to it, that the sun wont come up in the morning, or basically that he'll die.  Hopefully we can help him out of that hole.
Lately, I've been reading in the Bible, and in the Book of Mormon, comparing the Sermon on the Mount given in the Bible, to the similar version given in the BoM. It's pretty incredible to see the similarities and differences in the two. One of my favorites is how it mentions in the bible that every Jot and Tittle WILL be fulfilled, and in the BoM it mentions how every Jot and Tittle HAS been fulfilled.  I never really noticed that before.
Anyways, life is awesme. Christmas is such an awesome time of the year. People are so open to talk about Jesus Christ and what he's done for us.  I just wish that everyone could understand that the message we share as missionaries is exactly what they're looking for, they just don't know it.
Love to all,
Elder Williams

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