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Monday, November 21, 2011

weekly awesomeness nov 21 2011

This week was a pretty interesting one. Every week we have a meeting where all the missionaries here in Payson get together (all 8 of us) and we talk about how to be better missionaries, and how we're doing and everything. Well this week, we talked a little bit about how to help people get over addictions.  We all decided that we would pick at least one bad habit, and that we would try for at least a week to stop doing that one thing. Well, I chose three. One of them was cracking my knuckles, another was popping my neck (Not sure how I got started doing that one). It was insanely hard to stop. I was really really surprised at how difficult it was to leave behind those few simple habits. The first couple days were especially hard, but I was able to succeed for the most part. I've still definitely got a lot of work left to do, but it's been a pretty exciting experiment.
Elvia Briceno got baptized this weekend!  BOO-YAH. I'm sooooo happy!  She's the only one in her family who is a member, and she's super duper happy to be a member of the church!  She definitely felt the spirit after her baptism, and even more after her confirmation. All she wants now, is for her family to follow along.  We'll see what we can do about that. They're all coming to church with her, and hopefully not too far behind.
Some other incredible things have happened this week that have cemented my testimony even more that this church is true, and that what we have really is from God. I'd love to share it all right now, but unfortunately I don't have time.
Have a great week, and a happy turkey day to all!!
Elder Williams

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