Tommy's Release Date

Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another week gone by already!

This week has been a week of jokes (adivinanzas (sp?)). Everywhere we go, I've been asking people for more and more jokes in Spanish. Here are a couple of them. Try them out on somebody Spanish! I'm going to type them the way that they sound, and then I'll type them the way it actually is.
  "Una vez, fui a la tienda. Vi unos tenis, y los compre. Que compre en la tienda?" La respesta es: "hilos!" Otra Vez: "Una vez, fui a la tienda. Vi unos tenis, HILOS compre. Que compre en la tienda?" 
 Ok, here's another one. "Tengo ciento cincuenta sillas, y ciento cincuenta changos (monos). Cuantas sillas vacias me quedan?"  La respuesta es: 100!  Otra vez: "Tengo ciento cincuenta sillas, y SIENTO cincuenta changos. Cuantas sillas vacias me quedan?" 
 Una otra: Cual es el animal que anda con sola una pata?  La respesta: Un pato.
 "Porque la bola rueda?"  Respuesta: Porque esta sucia.  (Porque lavo la rueda)
 now for one in english: Who do missionaries have such good bladder control? Because they only have one P-day a week.
 y la ultima: Cual animal tiene ojos pero no puede ver, tiene boca pero no puede morder, tiene patas pero no puede caminar, y tiene alas pero no puede volar?   La respuesta: Un pajaro muerto
 Hopefully somebody could read, understand, and enjoy those. That's been pretty much the highlight of this week. We've decided that we're teaching a lot of people right now who are kinda stuck. They're not really progressing, and a lot of them really can't for some reason or another. So we've started the search for new people to teach!  Needless to say, we've been knocking a LOT of doors lately, and we've actually had a lot of success! We found a family of 4 who have been living here in the US for 3-4 years now, and somehow have never talked with missionaries before, never really been very actively religious, and are very excited to talk to us, and to learn more! We've found about 4 or 5 other this week as well who are all about in that same situation, and are all really excited to learn about what we have to share with them, to come to church, and to really make a change for the better in their lives.  It's incredible how when you really get out there and start doing the hard stuff, God puts his part in, and it all comes out to a happy ending.
 Oh, almost forgot. Thanksgiving was pretty exciting. We got to go eat about 3 thanksgiving dinners, roll on home after that. I find it incredible that I've already been out for over a year, and that this thanksgiving was the very last one that I'm going to have my entire mission! Next thing you know it will be Christmas, new years, Mothers day...then I start getting scared.
 The mission is soooo incredible! It's amazing how many miracles really happen every single day.
 Send me some jokes! I need some new ammo to shoot at the people here. Even if they're in English, that's alright. I'll try to translate them, and if they don't make sense I'll just tell them in English, and hope they laugh.
 Lastly, I might have mentioned this in prior weeks, but I suggest reading 2 Ne 32:8-9 and thinking about how prayer might be able to help you out even just a little bit more in your life, and then to try it! Awesome stuff.
 Love to all, and I hope you all had a happy turkey day!
 Elder Williams!

Monday, November 21, 2011

weekly awesomeness nov 21 2011

This week was a pretty interesting one. Every week we have a meeting where all the missionaries here in Payson get together (all 8 of us) and we talk about how to be better missionaries, and how we're doing and everything. Well this week, we talked a little bit about how to help people get over addictions.  We all decided that we would pick at least one bad habit, and that we would try for at least a week to stop doing that one thing. Well, I chose three. One of them was cracking my knuckles, another was popping my neck (Not sure how I got started doing that one). It was insanely hard to stop. I was really really surprised at how difficult it was to leave behind those few simple habits. The first couple days were especially hard, but I was able to succeed for the most part. I've still definitely got a lot of work left to do, but it's been a pretty exciting experiment.
Elvia Briceno got baptized this weekend!  BOO-YAH. I'm sooooo happy!  She's the only one in her family who is a member, and she's super duper happy to be a member of the church!  She definitely felt the spirit after her baptism, and even more after her confirmation. All she wants now, is for her family to follow along.  We'll see what we can do about that. They're all coming to church with her, and hopefully not too far behind.
Some other incredible things have happened this week that have cemented my testimony even more that this church is true, and that what we have really is from God. I'd love to share it all right now, but unfortunately I don't have time.
Have a great week, and a happy turkey day to all!!
Elder Williams

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Bishop Burton (Presiding Bishop) came to one of the stakes here for stake conference yesterday! It was pretty awesome.  He talked about Chocolate chip cookie days, and how everyone needs to store up on the good days of life, so that when bad times some you still have some chocolate chip cookies (wheat free of course) left to keep ya going. Unfortunately today we are really pressed on time, and I can't really go in to much more detail about that.

Today, my trainee goes to Argentina! His Visa finally came, and he's already to go. We went around saying good-bye to people, and in about 3 hours he flies out. It's been a pretty incredible experience training someone how to be a missionary. I'm definitely not even close to perfect, but I've really really enjoyed the opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge that I have learned with someone else. It's helped me a lot to be able to see my own personal potential as well. It's kinda hard to really see how far you've come as a missionary, but I've been able to see a little bit of the growth that I've had since the beginning as I've studied, and taught with Elder Arroyo.  Unfortunately, like all other things in this life, everything has to come to an end.  Fortunately, I still have a solid companion Elder Bosch, and I'm excited to get out there with just us two and do some work.

A couple quotes from the last week that someone might find funny:
-After watching Elder Uchtdorf's Mormon message about the 4 year old kids and marshmallows: "I guess I'm just a one marshmallow kind of guy"
-During a baptismal interview with a 9 year old while talking about prophets: Me-"Why is it important to you that we have a living prophet today?" Him-"Well it's really good because I don't think we've had one for a really really long time!"
-Talking about somebody, I have no idea who (I couldn't remember the animal "Cat" for some reason)- "Oh she's just a scaredy pig"

Well that's all the time I've got today. 

Last thought: Look for miracles, they're out there

Elder Williams

Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

This week has been pretty average. It seems like the sick bug is going around a little bit. a couple of the sisters in my district are a bit under the weather, and one of my companions and I are having a little bit of trouble as well, but it's not enough to keep us from really working.  We've been trying something new in our district, and in our Zone as well. As a district we decided that we need to be always focusing on finding new people to teach, as well as teaching those that we already have, so we've decided to start measuring how many new people we talk to every day. We've got a district goal that every companionship will talk to at least 10 new people every single day. That probably doesn't sound like a lot, but it really makes you notice how many opportunities pass your way without you even noticing.  Also, since we're here in Utah, another ZONE goal that the zone leaders have made, is to make at least 5 of those 10 new contacts be non-members. That is surprisingly difficult to do here in Utah. We can go knock doors for an hour or two, and we'll probably talk to 10-ish new people, but only 1 or two of them will probably be non-members.  It's been pretty cool to see some of the blessings that have come from really putting ourselves out there and trying our best to talk with everyone who passes our way.  If anything, it also is helping me come out of my shell a little bit.  I absolutely despise awkward situations, and I'm becoming to realize that it's actually not too hard to talk to people about the gospel  without making it awkward.
This next week, our district is about to change drastically!  My companion finally has his Visa, and is heading out to Argentina on Thursday morning. Also, there's another missionary here who started his mission in South Africa, got a head injury, had to come back, and has been serving here while he gets everything cleared to head back out. He can't go back to South Africa though, it's too much money to send him there again. I think it costs about $3,000? Something like that.  Well, he now has his reassignment to the Omaha Nebraska mission, and he leaves tomorrow I think. Besides that, there's also a sister missionary here who has been serving for about 20 months. She served in the Pocatello (sp?) mission, and needed surgery. She lives in Burma, so they decided it would be better for her to get the surgery now before she goes back to her country, so she's been waiting on that to happen, and it looks like it's finally going to happen this week. Needless to say, our district is going to change substantially.
Just a couple more cool things before I have to go: This next Sunday, Bishop Burton (The presiding bishop) is going to come here to Payson, and he's going to do a special 1 hour thing for investigators, and new converts!  I'm definitely pretty dang excited for that!
Besides that, we've been trying really hard to find new people to teach, and haven't really been having all that much success, but this Sunday, we had 4 non-members who we've never seen before in our lives just randomly show up to church yesterday!  It's insane. It's like people are just coming up to us and asking to be baptized.  These are some pretty unforgettable experiences I've been living lately. I can't imagine how boring my life would be if I'd never come out on my mission.
Another thing of note, I've lately been thinking about studying linguistics when I get back from my mission. I want to be able to read, speak, and write English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Greek, and maybe even a few other random languages. We'll see. Maybe I'll even take on Japanese or Chinese someday! It's really interesting how the mission can completely change your point of view.
Love to all
Elder Williams