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Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

It was quite a white week for us. We a family get baptized on Saturday, and two individuals get baptized yesterday. It's truly incredible to see how far they have come since the first time we ever met them. They all have a VERY strong conviction that these things are true, and that they are in a good path. The only problem now is that we have a lot fewer people to teach. We're looking at about 3-4 more people to get baptized this next month, but after that, we have pretty much nothing. Time to get out and FIND FIND FIND again.
We had a pretty cool experience this week (besides all the baptisms). One day we were headed back to our house to pick up our area book that we had forgotten, and we drove by a park. I've been kinda getting excited about talking to people lately, and getting myself in some really awesome awkward situations, and I saw 3 people sitting on a park bench a few hundred feet away from where we were. I mentioned it to my companions and told them that we were going to pass by there and go talk to them after grabbing the area book. He thought I was lying, or joking around about the people, but I was serious. After stopping at the house, we turned around and went back over in that direction. As we got closer, I saw 3 people walking down the sidewalk towards us (we were driving). I warned Elder Arroyo that I was about to stop, and that he was about to have to talk to the people, and I proceeded to roll down his window (He wasn't very happy about that). We stopped next to them, and started talking. There were 2 Hispanic guys, and 1 Hispanic girl.  I'm guessing they were all about 16 years old. We asked them if they'd ever talked to missionaries before, and the girl said excitedly "Yeah I'm a member! I've even got my CTR ring" *she then showed us her CTR ring* We then talked t the guys, asked if we could stop by sometime to talk with them. One of them really wasn't excited at all, but the other was so-so. We got his address, and an appointment, then I looked at the girl and said "So you're going to be there to right"  "Of course!" she said.  We talked to that girl again at church, and she said she's going to make sure that the kid shows up to the appointment :D  I guess we'll see on Tuesday.
The other day the Spanish ward had a primary Halloween costume party, and everybody showed up in FORCE!  Let me tell you, when you tell Latinos to dress up, they don't hold back. I think that was possibly the best Halloween party I've ever seen in my entire life!
This work is incredible, and best of all, it's incredibly fun right now.  We've been working really hard, and I gotta say, it's a whole lot better than not working hard.
All of the people who got baptized this weekend got their testimonies through the Book of Mormon, and the examples of the members.  Therefore: Read the Book of Mormon, get a testimony, and be an example.  If you do that, you'll change people's lives.
Love to all!
Elder Williams

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