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Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011

This week was CONFERENCE WEEK!  How incredible was that?! As always, I had a couple questions that I was looking for answers to when I went to the chapel to watch the first session, and before the conference had even gone 10 minutes, they'd already all been answered! That was incredible!  I hope all of you got a chance to watch at least some of it, because it was incredible! Who knew that after 5 two hour sessions I would be sitting there all sad that it was already over.
President Monson announced the construction of ANOTHER PROVO TEMPLE! What?!?!?! That's so incredible! And it's right in downtown Provo. When they announced that, I basically started exploding inside (and outside). I hope I get to see that temple completed before I finish my mission. I kinda doubt they'll put it up that fast, but you never know.
In other news, something incredible happened yesterday! About 4 months ago, we were teaching a family, then randomly we showed up to their house for an appointment, and they had moved out overnight! We were pretty sad, but there was pretty much nothing that we could do. A couple days later,  went to one of our recent convert's house, and were talking with them, when all of a sudden, in walked this investigator that had moved out on us. Apparently they had moved into the other half of that house! From there, they had to move out about a month and a half later (Once again in a hurry) and we weren't able to get any more information than that they were moving to Payson. Well, yesterday I saw them! We were driving down the road, running a little bit late for an appointment, and there they were driving down that same road going the other way. BLEW MY MIND. I was sure they'd packed up and moved out by then to another place, but nope, they're here in Payson. They saw me as well and all started waving. Unfortunately, we were running late and didn't have time to stop, but I'm sure we'll see them some time again soon. :D  Plus, one of their little girls (She's about 9 years old I think) read the entire "Stories of the Book of Mormon" book, and I promised her I'd give her a butterfinger bar, but I wasn't able to get it to her before they moved out. Now maybe I'll get that chance.
Besides that, we were planning on having two baptisms this next weekend, but one of them has been postponed for sure until at least the end of this month, and the other is in danger of the same. It's crazy how Satan works. He's pretty much trying to destroy the family of this girl who wants to get baptized, but we're prayerfully optimistic that she'll be able to push through all the hard times (and believe me, they've got some hard times right now).
So I finally got to do the 72 oz snow cone challenge! It was pretty insane! I got about 3/4 the way done. I don't think I picked my flavors very well, because I got to this one flavor, and it wasn't that it was cold, or that I had a brain freeze, but simply just that I didn't want anymore of that flavor in my mouth AT ALL. But I think I did pretty respectfully. When I got past about the first 10-15 oz, I got a massive brain freeze, and I started crying! My eyes just started going for it! That was quite an experience. Maybe I'll try it again before I get transferred.....or maybe not.
Another crazy story from this week. We got a referral for a Manuel Ruiz, and that he wanted a Book of Mormon in both English and Spanish. My companion went there to go contact him, and ran in to his dad. Apparently his dad right now is REALLY interested.  We went there and taught him for the first time, and he was basically already telling us that he know's the church is true. He knows about certain points of doctrine, and for some reason just feels that they are right.  We taught them some basics, set up an appointment, left some things for them to do before our next appointment, and we're going back TODAY to see how much they did and how much they really want to learn. I'm guessing they are really going to put their own time in to progress.
Besides that my companion had a pretty incredible experience when we were on splits, with one of our investigators who just up and decided that he wants to be baptized, and it changing his life COMPLETELY in order to do so. It's incredible what the gospel can do to help people.
In any case, I just want you all to know that I know that this church is true, and I know it in the same way that Peter found out, and that is through revelation through the Holy Ghost. (see Matt 16:15-19ish) "And blessed art thou, for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto you, but my father which is in heaven.....and upon this rock (The rock of revelation) will I build my church"  This is what I'm doing here as a missionary. I am helping to build the church of God through the power of revelation. That is the only way to know FOR SURE if things are true, as Jesus said himself.  If flesh and blood (People) tell us something, it might not be true, but when God tells us through the Holy Ghost, we can know FOR SURE that the things are true.
Hope all is well in p-town. Lots of rain? Multi-colored trees? Enjoy it for me!
Elder Williams

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