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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, September 12, 2011


For those who don't know, my birthday was 3 days ago, and it was probably one of the less exciting birthdays I've had, but it still had some highlights! Let me describe some of them. First of all, we got together as a district to play some sports and exercise in the morning. When we were just about done, all of a sudden, a bunch of food appears out of nowhere! (Not a ton of food, but just some random stuff). That was pretty exciting. Then when we went out of the chapel where we were at, the sister missionaries had decorated our car. (Did I ever mention that we have a purple car?)  They had cut out paper cupcakes, and put "HAPPY BIRTHDAY 20 ELDER WILLIAMS" or something like that. It was pretty exciting. One of them had her birthday this week too, so I'm trying to figure out what we can do back to her. We'll see. Anyways, besides that, I got sung to by a 9 year old El Salvadorean girl (That was pretty awesome!) and we all went out as a district to eat lunch at a Chinese place, and we ate habaneros. (Way too hot). I'm pretty sure there are still holes in my tongue from the burn.

Also this week, we visited an inactive family who has an unbaptized 9 year old, committed them to come back to church, and to prepare to be baptized. We also committed the dad to prepare himself to be worthy to baptize his son. We weren't really sure how committed they were to this, but then they showed up on sunday to church! They haven't come in almost a year it sounds like, and they only stayed for sacrament meeting, but they were there nonetheless!

Besides that, we've started teaching a 25ish year old man from Honduras. He is really dedicated to learning what we have to teach him. The lady who cuts his hair told him to come try the church every time he would go in to get his hair cut, and eventually, he decided to come! He's come three weeks in a row now. Just yesterday, he was working ALL NIGHT on Saturday night, and didn't get home until about 5 in the morning Sunday morning, but he was still there at church at 9.  I think all of us could learn a lesson from that. And he's not even a member of the church.

Last thing for the day: A couple days ago, we were searching for someone, and ended up knocking a door in an old folks care center. An older lady from Puerto Rico answered the door and said "Come in! Come in! You're just who I needed. We came in, and she said she needed a blessing, and had been praying that someone would come help her.  Yeppp, pretty much blew my mind too.

What have I been learning the last couple weeks? Patience, humility, and tolerance. Fun stuff

Love to all,
Elder Williams

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