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Monday, August 1, 2011

You want to drop us?! Heck no!

Dearest readers. I believe it's story time. First of all, the bishop here in one of the Spanish wards told an awesome story about el obispo de los povos (Bishop of the turkeys).  He said how there was a bishop, and all of the members of his congregation were turkeys. The bishop talked to them with inspiring words, and told them that they could fly. Slowly they all started flapping and flapping, and soon they were flying! But when the meeting ended, they all walked out.  I thought it was hilarious.

Second story. We have an investigator who basically knows that the church is true. He's read the entire Book of Mormon, believes in Joseph Smith, and everything else, but he won't get baptized! This Thursday, he called us and said "Hi, Elder Williams? I'm calling to cancel my appointment with you for Sunday." "Ok, and when do you think that we can pass by again and talk with you again?" " Well that's the thing. I want you to know that I have no intention whatsoever of changing my religion" (Even though he never goes to church at all, and doesn't do anything in terms of religion. It seems to me that if you're going to be a "Catholic" or a "Mormon" or a "JW" or anything, and you're going to profess it as your religion, you should at least do SOMETHING to show it). He continued "For that, I'm cancelling our appointment, and Its not worth your time to pass by anymore. Thank you, but no more" (that's not an exact quote, but it's basically what he said. So I told him "Yeah of course we want you to get baptized, but that doesn't mean we're being fake when we come over and visit with you. I actually kinda want to be your friend. So when can we come back?" He replied "I guess we're still on for Sunday then" "7 o clock?" "Yep, that sounds good" "see ya then."  We stopped by yesterday and had an incredible lesson. I'm pretty sure he'll get baptized soon :D

Another story, we have an investigator getting baptized this Saturday, and we needed to meet with her, but then her grandma died and she called us telling us she was in no mental state to meet with anyone, and that she'd call us in a few days. We didn't get a call, so on Saturday night we went over to Walmart and bought her some flowers for like $5, and took them over to her house.  She wasn't home so we left them at her house and went to another place. She called us about an hour later really excited about the flowers. We gotta do that more often! Anyways, all is well, and she's getting baptized this Saturday after 8 YEARS OF MISSIONARIES! It's crazy.

Besides that we had 2 people basically just showed up to church last week that aren't members. The same thing happened this week too! Crazy things are happening here in Mapleton/Springville. Gotta love it!

If only I enjoyed knocking doors...

Until next week!
Elder Williams!

And remember, when in doubt, say SI

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