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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, August 15, 2011


This week was a hard week. We lost 5 investigators, one of which was on date to be baptized for the 27th of August, but ended up having to move back to Mexico, 3 other investigators who left back for mexico, and then one more who decided he just didn't want to hear from us anymore. That's gotta be the hardest thing. When someone tells you straight up to your face that they aren't interested in hearing the word of God anymore.  Besides that, we just found out that another investigator who was on date to be baptized, is moving back to New Jersey in about a week and a half. Hopefully they can all continue learning and going to church wherever they all end up.
Besides that, this week wasn't too bad. It was a little bit slow, and it seemed like nobody was home much, but we were able to talk to some new people, and get some potential investigators.  In any case, life is going awesome, and I'm loving the mission. There are always going to be easy moments, and hard moments, and I'm just glad we can get the hard moments over so we can get back to some good ones.
Good news, BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!! Gotta love it.
Interesting story: We accidentally knocked on someone's back door yesterday. The lady got kinda mad and told us she doesn't want anything to do with us. Her dog seemed to like us though. It ran out the door and sat right next to me.
Something confusing: Little kids have been going crazy for Elder Williams lately (me). I wish I understood. I would think they should be scared of me, I'm kinda massive. But apparently not. They keep flocking. It's pretty amusing.
That's all
Elder Williams

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