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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This weekend has been a bit interesting. It's the weekend of July 24th. I never really realized that it was such a big holiday here in Utah. I'm still not really sure that I understand completely the significance that it has, but there were people EVERYWHERE shooting off fireworks, and it was a pretty impressive sight. Pretty much all of the fireworks that I saw here would be illegal in Oregon. Because of the holiday, the Family History center where we do emails was closed, and we had to do them today.
One quick story. I've got about 2 minutes left until we have to leave. We've been having some troubles with an investigator that moved here from Pleasant Grove. She finally decided she wanted to be baptized after YEARS of contact with the missionaries, but she came to the ward here, and didn't really like it. She wanted to be baptized, and to assist up in Pleasant Grove (about 30-45 minutes away from here). We tried to help her with that, but it was pretty much futile. Well, this week she decided that she still wants to be baptized up there because she wants everybody from the ward up there to be able to come, but she says that she's going to start coming to the ward here! CONFLICT GONE thanks to a lot of prayer.  Her sister is moving here in about a week and a half (non-member), and the baptism is the following Saturday. Hopefully the sister feels the spirit and we can begin teaching her a little bit more about what we believe.
Love to all!
Elder Williams

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