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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This week we lost 3 investigating families. One of them is moving to Payson, one of them is not progressing at all and we had to drop them, and another family (golden!) the kids don't speak much Spanish at all so we had to hand them over to the English elders.  They're going to get baptizes though! I'm pretty excited for that.  We've got another family that we're going to have to hand over pretty soon as well. It's kinda annoying. We keep finding all of these GOLDEN investigators, but 99% of the time we have to hand them over to the other elders. As of right now, we've handed over 9 investigators in just the last MONTH who are now preparing themselves to be baptized......O well, as long as I can be a part of the process of someone getting baptized, it doesn't matter.
This week we found a bunch of new potential investigators. We were out knocking doors, ane came to this one door. This guy answers and tells us "Yeah, I respect you guys and what you do an everything, but we've got our beliefs, and you know, everyone who follows God, it doesn't matter what church, will be saved." I decided it was time to be a little stubborn. I asked him, "Do you think God wants us to all be confused?" "Well not really" "Then why would he give us so many churches. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense if there were just ONE church as it says in Ephesians 4:5 'One Lord, one faith, one baptism' There should be one church of God, and we should be able to know with a surety that we're in his church, and on his right path." He then said: "yeah, that kinda makes sense. I have to agree with you on that." "And shouldn't that church be led by a prophet like it says in the Bible Amos 3:7?" "Yeah, I guess it should shouldn't it?" "We want you to know that there is a prophet on the earth today, and that he is the head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Can we come back and tell you why we think we have the one true church of God on the earth?" "Yeah, I'd like that"  BINGO BABY! We're going back this Wednesday to talk with him some more.
Last story. So last Sunday, a 20ish year old girl came up to us and told us that her mom wants to listen to the missionaries and get baptized. We were definitely pretty dang excited! So we set up an appointment with her for Wednesday at 6. We showed up right at 6, and the mom comes and answers the door. Apparently she had no idea we were coming over, and her daughter was at work. It was reeeaaaallly awkward. She was budy cleaning, so we couldn't really even share much of a message with her at the door. Anyways, from there we went and talked with a referral across the street, who apparently has basically no interest at all. Next we went to stop by an old investigator. Right as we showed up and got out of the car, he turned the corner. He was pretty excited to see us. We went in and taught a short lesson, set up a return appointment, and left. When we went back for the return appointment, nobody answered the front door. We knocked and knocked, rang the door bell, basically tried everything. We were about to leave when we decided, lets go see if they're around back. Fortunately I'm massively tall and I can see over their fence, because when we walked to the fence and I looked over, there he was working in his back-yard! I called to him, and he looked up surprised (I'm pretty sure I'd be surprised too if I heard my name, looked over, and randomly saw a face sticking over the fence...) but then he smiled and invited us in. We helped him for a little while, then taught him a lesson. At the end of the lesson he looked at us and told us, "you know, I've talked to a lot of people about religion, they knock my door all the time, but frankly, they kinda scare me. There are some people who have the gift of teaching/preaching, and you guys have it. I don't know what it is, but when we talk, I feel something. It's different than all the others." So then we explained to him that we are called by a living prophet on the earth today to preach. The power that he feels doesn't come from us, it comes from God, because he has called us, and given us the power to preach his word, just like Jesus gave all of his Apostles the same power to go preach the word. It was pretty incredible. I'm VERY excited for the next lesson.
That's all
Elder Williams

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