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Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20 2011

Today marks my 8 month mark! 1/3 the way done! That seems pretty crazy doesn't it?
First of all, a few intereting notes about this week.
On about Thursday, we were driving around when we saw a stream of water soaring through the air, so we decided to go investigate. When we got there, we found a firetruck, and the guy on the top directing the stream of water was watering the grass by the church by shooting the water a couple hundred feet into the air, and then letting it fall to the ground slowly.  We went up and talked to him, and he told he was just exercising the motor of the fire truck, and decided to water the grass at the same time. Our car was kinda dirty, so we asked him if he could wash it for us. At first he was hesitant because he said "It'll take the paint off of your car" So then we asked him if we could go across the parking lot and have him spray us from there, and he accepted. So we drove across the parking lot, and he gave us a car wash from his fire truck!
What else? We went to a couple yard sales this Saturday to try to find some people to teach, and got some interesting stuff while we were there. (BTW, I love being a missionary in Utah! Nobody will let us pay for anything at the yard sales) I got a couple puzzles, some more speakers, and some other random stuff, and we got a referral to go teach!
We went to contact a former investigator this week, and when we got there he really wasn't interested at all, but his wife (member) let us in, and called him over to come talk to us. He slowly warmed up to us and about 5 minutes later, someone outside honked. His wife quickly went out the side door, but he stayed there talking to us unphased. About 2 or 3 minutes later she came back in, and we figured that whoever had come, was gone. We found out that this guy has an uncle that lives in Beaverton, and could be my neighbor as far as I know. He's going to tell me the address the next time and we'll see if I know where it is.  We eventually set up a  return appointment and left. When we left we saw that the people who had honked were sitting there still waiting for him. Apparently he liked talking to us so much he didn't even tell us he had to leave. I'm very hopefully he'll be there tonight when we have our appointment!
Last thought, I'm a little short on time today.
We went out knocking some doors, and found a man named Joel (He's Latino btw) Joel is blind, diabetic, has cancer, and something else I don't remember, but the thing is, he still goes to work every day (as a mechanic) and lives his life like anybody else.  He became blind, and discovered he got cancer about 6 years ago.  Not only partially blind, but completely blind. It was fascinating talking to him! He told us something very interesting that I really liked. He mentioned to us that depression, sadness, stress, justification, and like 3 other things like those don't come from God at all. There's a scripture that says that not even a twig of a tree moves save it be by the will of God. That means that God is completely directing our lives, and that we have no need to be stressed, or depressed or sad or anything, because it's all by God's will, and he has a plan for us.  FUN STUFF
Anyways, I got to go.
Have a great week!
Elder Williams

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