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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

A lot has happened this week. First of all, I got sick again! I've been sounding like a frog pretty much this entire week, and strangely, it's kinda fun to sound like a frog. Unfortunately, I have to also be sick in order to sound like that. Anyways, besides that some pretty interesting stuff happened. It seems that the trend of our investigators moving out on us is continuing. First of all, we have a family who was waiting to get baptized until their father got back from California. Well, he got back, and we had to finish teaching him the lessons since he really hadn't heard more than the Joseph Smith story (But he'd read more than ha;f of the Book of Mormon). Anyways, so we finished with that, they were excited about baptism, and then the boy decided to go live with his grandparents in Mexico for the summer.  Anyways, we were over there, talking to them about when they want to be baptized, and the kid says "August. That way I can be set up to go to seminary, and everything." We asked him why he wants to wait so long, and he told us he was leaving for Mexico that afternoon. He was pretty excited to go be a missionary to his grandparents and share all the pamphlets and everything with all his friends there. So basically, the family is on hold again waiting for the kid to get back. They all want to get baptized together, so they're waiting.
Aside from that, we went to visit a family on Thursday evening. The dad wasn't home, but the mom, and all of the kids from the neighborhood were outside making and throwing paper airplanes. We went up, talked to the mom, set up an appointment for Saturday, and were about to leave when I decided I wanted to make a paper airplane. We went over, and started making and teaching all the kids 4 or 5 different ways to make paper airplanes! Next thing I know, they're running around bringing out posters and stuff wanting to make airplanes out of them. So next thing we know, there are about 5-6 massive paper airplanes (probably about as big as the kids) flying around the yard. The kids were prettttty excited about it, and were quite sad when we had to go, but they were cheering "Gracias" "thank you" "Come back again" and about every other thing they could thing of as we climbed in our car and drove off. Now for the sad part.  We went back on Saturday for our appointment, and it was quite apparent that they had moved. We were SOOOO excited for this family! But for some reason they disappeared.  It looked like they'd had to leave in QUITE a hurry. There were a lot of things left behind, but we confirmed with the other people living around there that they were gone. We're working on getting in contact with them to figure out if we can send missionaries to where they live now.
Last story. Me and my companion were walking up to knock a door when I got the urge to sneeze, so I stopped and looked at the sun, because for some reason that helps me sneeze. Who know's why. Anyways, my companion stopped, turned and asked, "need to sneeze?" "yep" se he stopped, turned, and looked towards the sun too. Apparently he needed to sneeze as well. We were there for a good 45 seconds, and neither of us could sneeze.  I gave up, turned around, and walked off.  My companion Gave up as well and turned to follow. I looked at him and said "We just had a moment there man" he replied" Yeah man, that was kinda weird."  I'm sure this story probably isn't funny to you, but it was pretty hilarious at the time.
Anyways, have a great week!
Oh yeah, my mission president told me we needed to put our investigators on date, so we did. 5 investigators got put on date this week, and more to come. It's crazy what a little bit of guidance can do every once in awhile.
Love to all
Elder Williams

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