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Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 - A Furby!

I got the package from the ward. It pretty much made my day too! I most definitely wasn't expecting it.  I really appreciate it!
We are getting a lot of rain here. I love it! Everybody is complaining about the rain, but I just stand there and smile. I really miss falling asleep with it raining, and then waking up with it still raining. That happened the other day, and it made my day just that much better. :)
This week was somewhat strange. We found out that one of our investigating families suddenly moved to Arizona, we got a new investigator who is leaving for Pennsylvania on Thursday, we contacted a referral and found out that she apparently goes to church almost every week, and she wants to be baptized. We asked her "You know what you have to do to be baptized right?" "You have to talk to the missionaries. That's us" She seemed slightly surprised, and got a little bit excited. Basically, we're going to go teach her, and she's going to get baptized :)  Also this week we had our first lessons with the brother of one of the recent converts here. He is really enthusiastic about learning, and he's very interested. We're excited to get about and talk to him some more.  Besides that we talked with an atheist kid, gave him the first lesson, and he really felt something. Unfortunately, his parents are very very very very very very very catholic, and won't let him come to church, and don't want anything to do with us. We talked to them, and they're nice to us, but very set in their ways, and not willing to listen. We're hoping that we can get the parents to eventually listen to us through the kid, but we'll see how that works out. The area I'm in right now is growing pretty quickly. We've been getting a lot of new investigators, and a lot of the older investigators are starting to progress. We're hopeful that we can help them all to progress to baptism, but we'll see how everything happens. 
Fun story, we went to a garage sale to look for Latino's to talk to and hopefully teach, and we found a furby for $0.25. It was just too much to pass up, so we bought it. Now, when we get home we can enjoy taking a minute or two to sit on our couches eating otter pops, and talking to furby [furby is a stuffed animal which learns to talk by using voice recognition software]. Fun stuff!
Hope all is going well.
Have a great week!
Elder Williams

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