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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

This week was transfers, and they kicked me out of my area and sent me here to Mapleton/Springville Spanish. I didn't like the area at all my first couple days, and I've been pretty nervous because my companion right now is another white guy who's been out about as long as I have, and I was afraid that we might not be up to the challenge of teaching and talking and everything in complete Spanish.  ALSO, my first day here in this area we only had one appointment planned.....and that one cancelled on us. Since then I've been able to meet the people, meet the leadership here, and get to know a little bit about the area and I'm starting to feel a little bit more comfortable.  I've realized something pretty interesting. When we're in a lesson, my Spanish ROCKS! But when we're just sitting there talking to people, my Spanish is not nearly as good. It's kinda annoying. Hopefully some day I'll just be able to say everything fluently and not have to worry about it.  We've taught some people successfully in complete Spanish, and they still want us to come back so I guess we must be doing something right.  In any case, my fears that I fail at Spanish and can't do this are slowly starting to go away. 
Story time:
My second morning here, we had to mow the lawn of our land-lords house. They have a LOT of grass! It took 2 hours of straight up mowing, and they only had one lawn mower so it basically took FOREVER! Then later in the week, one of the guys that lives in the house of one of our investigators bought some grass (I've never even heard of this before) and they brought it to his house in 1 x 2 foot sections on crates. He was taking them one by one and putting the grass out in his front yard. We stopped by (in our suits) and helped him our for about an hour or so. When we finished he wanted to pay us. We told him that we didn't want any money. He insisted, so we told him that if we could just come back and talk to him about the things that we believe, that that would be good enough pay for us. FUN STUFF!
Alright, so basically I was feeling pretty comfortable in my old area, and now I'm here and I feel like I'm completely starting my mission over again.  Something I really like about this area though, we get fed a LOT! I have eaten SOOO MUCH FOOD here. We actually had 2 full out dinners last night (Don't ask why) and the food here is pretty incredible.
More to come next week!
Elder Williams

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