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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, May 16, 2011


This week was pretty incredible. We found two new families to teach. One of them was a referral to us from a man who owns some apartments.  He rented one of them out to a spanish family. They were surprised when they found out that he spoke spanish, and asked him where he learned it. He told them that he learned it on his mission. They continued talking about this, and the wife ended up asking if they could talk to the missionaries to learn more about the church. We showed up, and they are an awesome family! I'm pretty excited to see where they go. Unfortunately they only have time to listen to us once a week.
The other family: We were walking around by some apartments, and this lady walks out and tells us they want us to come and teach them. They'd apparently had some missionaries before, and the kids absolutely loved them, and the lady is very very interested in what we have to say. This could be pretty awesome!
Last story. One of the investigators that the english missionaries have been teaching got baptized this weekend. It's been pretty interesting because there is another man that lives in the house with this kid that got baptized, but he doesn't speak much english at all.  The english elders ended up inviting us to their lessons with them because this man had been getting increasingly more and more interested in the church, but they didn't speak spanish so they couldn't really teach him. So we went over and talked to him and basically translated what the english elders were teaching. Anyways, the kid got baptized, and they wanted the other man to give the 3-4 minute talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost. The only problem is that this man only speaks spanish, and it was an english baptism, so they needed someone to come translate for him. Of course they ended up asking me to go translate..... Anyways, we get up there, and he's supposed to start giving his talk, and he folds his arms and starts to pray (apparently no one really told him what he was supposed to be doing?) It reeeaaaalllyy caught me off guard,but I ended up folding my arms and translating what he was saying.  The thing is though, that I had to change some things. His prayer was absolutely incredible, and it blew my mind, but I had to make it apply to everyone else, but here is basically what he really said: "Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for letting me be here at Ezekiel's baptism. Thank you for the spirit I have felt. Thank you for helping me change, and for letting me learn more about you. I'm reading the Bible and Book of Mormon, and I'm trying. I feel that this is all true. Please open the doors of heaven. Thank you for everything. And I say this all, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." I was blown away. The thing is, that nobody else there had any idea what had just happened. This humble man, had just felt the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and had realized, in front of everyone, that the church really is true! Needless to say, we are now going over to just teach him, and he will be baptized soon.  BOO-YAH!
The mission rocks! End of story
-Elder Williams

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