Tommy's Release Date

Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This week marks the last week for me in my first area. We got our transfer calls, and I'm on my way out to serve in the Mapleton/Springville spanish area. My new companion's name is Elder Perkins. He's another white guy and he's been out about as long as I have. This next transfer is going to be an interesting one. Someone 2 white guys have to go around and convince people in spanish that everything they've believed their whole live is wrong. Fortunately it's not quite that extreme, and we don't do any convincing at all, we just share what we know, and invite people to learn more, and to eventually be baptized, but still, it seems pretty foreboding to me.  We'll see how this all works out.

Besides that, I'm pretty dang sad to be leaving me area. I've met some pretty incredible people here, and if my mission were to end right now (Which thank heavens it wont) I would be pretty impressed by some of the crazy miracles I've seen, and the experiences I have had.  The missionary work really is incredible, and it can change people's lives. Seriously, it changes lives.

This last saturday we had two baptisms. We were supposed to have 3, but satan was working in overdrive and one of them got postponed for 2 weeks. I'm really anxious for that one. I have a feeling like there's going to be more hardships and trials in the persons life that might cause her to postpone her baptism even more. Hopefully I'm wrong.  Besides that, one of our other baptisms almost got postponed as well. We've been teaching a 15 year old kid, and his brother (who got baptized about a month and a half ago) was supposed to baptize him.  The night before the baptism, we get a call on the phone. The kid had gotten kicked out of his house (temporarily) and had gotten in a massive argument with his brother.  Fortunately things worked themselves out, and the kid was still able to get baptized the next morning by his brother.

We've been having a lot of problems lately with people getting kicked out of their houses. It's starting to get annoying, and it's hard to set up appointments with people when they really don't have anywhere to live.

Well that's all for now.

Have a great week! And be sure to congratulate my brother on getting married if you know him!

Elder Williams

PS: Mom Williams is sorry for the delay in getting this posted.  Older brother, James just got married in Arizona and I have not had access to a computer to get this posted in a timely manner.

Monday, April 18, 2011


How to describe this week? I have no idea. Where to start describing it? I also have no idea, so here we go.  I love the recent converts we have in this ward. They are so awesome! This week we met a guy named Gonzalo. He was nervous about listening to us in his house, because it's not actually his house, and the other guy who lives there is not interested at all in the "Mormons" and wants absolutely nothing to do with us, but he said that he was really curious and that he wanted to come to church. We weren't really expecting him to show up, but Sunday came and there he was, in jeans and a sweatshirt, but somehow he fit in just fine. After sacrament meeting he asked where the next class was. We took him in there, but we had to go to another ward, and we were trying to figure out what we should do because we didn't want to just leave the guy. Just as we walked in the room for the next class, one of the new members said "Hermano! Sientate aqui conmigo!" (Come sit with me!) That definitely brought a smile to my face. The Ward mission leader from that same ward passed around a list in the Elders quorum asking for people to put down their names, and when they would be able to go out with the missionaries (us). It didn't really surprise me, but definitely brought a smile to my face to see that the first two names on the list were two of our recent converts.

We get transfer calls this Saturday, and we think that I'm getting transferred out of this area. You can never be sure, but next week I should know for sure my fate :P  Also this week, I hit my 6 month mark. I find this somewhat ridiculous. Time is flying by way way way too fast. I want to just chill in my first couple months out in the field for awhile, but I guess that's not how it works.

Anyways, I hope life's going well for all of you, and I'll talk to you next week!
Elder Williams

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pictures from Provo - A very happy and very busy missionary!!!!


Mom, do you know how well the band did at state? The choir as well? I'm not sure it's happened yet, but if it has I'd be interested to know.  ALSO, Do you know if anyone did well in solo ensemble this year? Just curious.  Thanks Mom! Love ya lots!  {Please email me with results and I will forward them on to Tommy.  THANKS!}

For everyone else:
This week has been pretty incredible. People have been popping out of everywhere just basically sitting there waiting for us to come and teach them.  This work is pretty incredible, and I love it a lot. It's really incredible to see how God is guiding people's lives to the church.  We've been teaching this one person, and she has a testimony that the church is true and everything, but for some reason, she's just plain scared to be baptized.  I can't figure out why, but she's scared.  Anyways, she finally decided to set a date for her baptism, but she set it for about 2 months out.  As soon as she set that date, things started to happen to her. She's getting kicked out of her house, and some other things as well that are not good. We talked to her, and told her that this is her challenge. We told her that she needs the Holy Ghost to help guide her through everything that is happening. She agrees, and she will likely be baptized in the next couple weeks. I'm pretty sure I didn't explain that situation, or what happened very well, but I'm sure you can get the basic idea of what's going on. Besides that, the family we live with has a 19 year old boy, and he leaves for his mission in 2 days! It's pretty incredible. Another one of the guys from the Spanish ward leaves on his mission next week as well. It's pretty awesome to see these young men in the same steps of preparation that I was in just 6 short months ago.  Anyways, I don't have very much time today, but I'll send a good story next week.

Have a great week!
Elder Williams

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Why is it that when I get sick, that everything starts going really well? This Tuesday I woke up feeling pretty much terrible. My nose was running, I had sinus pressure, a massive headache, sore throat like no other, intestinal pains, and an overwhelming lack of energy, or motive to do anything except sleep. I finally got out of bed at about 2:30 to eat breakfast, then went straight back to bed. Then at about 5 o clock, we got a phone call with a basically golden referral, and they wanted us to come over immediately (of course they did). I dragged myself out of bed, showered up, got ready, and we left at 5:30.  Just to show how golden this referral was, we met them last Tuesday, and he's getting baptized tomorrow. Another cool part about this is that he's from Brazil, which means that he speaks Portuguese. Portuguese and Spanish are pretty similar and so we actually ended up teaching him in Spanish, and he'd respond to us in Portuguese. I think Portuguese people can understand Spanish, better than Spanish speakers can understand Portuguese, because even my companion was having a hard time occasionally understanding what was going on, but the people from Brazil had almost no problem understanding us. In any case, It was pretty incredible.

Alright, now for the lament of Elder Williams. This week was general conference. The missionaries who have been out for more than a year get to go to Salt Lake for one of the sessions to watch it. Needless to say, neither me, nor my companion have been out for more than a year, and so neither of us got to go with the other missionaries. However, we were able to get 5 tickets from a member in our ward. We were pretty much PUMPED. We went to these three kids who are investigating (21 years old-ish, 19-ish, and 17-ish) and asked them if they wanted to go. They said "of course" and got pretty pumped! So then we called our mission president to get permission, and he said that we could go, as long as the investigators drove us up and back, and we went straight there and back. BOO-YAH. So we went back over to their house the next day to make sure everything was good to go, and they said their dad had just scheduled a family reunion or something in some other city, and that he was making them go. Not only that, but it started at 10 AM (the same time Conference started). Sadly, they had to cancel. Then we went and talked with an investigating couple, and they got really excited to go. They got baby-sitters and everything, but then that night when we went back to make sure that everything was good to go, they weren't home. We asked around until we found out that the wife had come home extremely sick from the doctor, and that she was currently in the hospital....No bueno.  Next we went and tried a bunch of other investigators, but none of them could go. We finally tried one last couple, and they got really excited, but in the end they couldn't find a baby-sitter for their kids, and had to cancel. Needless to say, I was not happy.  We ended up just giving the tickets to the family that we live with, and they went and had a great time, but since we didn't have any investigators going, we couldn't go ourselves.

In any case, life rocks, the mission is incredible, and It blows my mind every day that I can speak Spanish.

Take care,
Elder Williams