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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 - My somewhat bipolar week

Alright, this week was somewhat bipolar.  On Tuesday, everything was going really really well, and we ended up teaching something like 6 lessons that day. Wednesday was pretty good, we had about 3, and everything was looking great. We had 6 planned lessons for Thursday, a baptism planned for the weekend, and we were quite chipper. But Thursday the world crashed down on us. Out of our 6 appointments, 5 canceled, and the one that actually went through, was with the guy who was supposed to get baptized. Basically, he started crying and told us he can't get baptized. He REALLY wants to, but can't. We're hopeful that things change, but for now, it basically feels like my heart has been ripped out and thrown through the wall. NO BUENO. Besides that, one of my favorite investigators (who has muscular dystrophy) had to go to the hospital, and found out that his disease is progressing rapidly, and we don't know how much time he has left.  We continued on with the week and nothing really got worse, but nothing got better with them. Besides that, we were expecting to have something like 8 or 9 investigators at church, and it turned out that only 3 showed up.  Alright now for the weird part: For me right now, it's almost impossible to not see the blessing in this work. It may seem like everything is going wrong, as it says hundreds of times in the scriptures "The blessings don't come until after the trial of your faith" as well as "Blessings are given through obedience." I am being obedient, and I have faith. I know that whatever happens, it is because God wants them to happen. I can feel that the area that I'm in is about to explode (in a good way) and as long as my companion and I are obedient, and faithful, we will see incredible miracles in the near future.  Things don't always go as expected, but as long as they keep going, I know that God is directing the path. Somehow, my life is the best it's ever been right now, and I would not trade these moments that I am having for anything.

Hope life is as good for everyone else as it is for me! :D

Elder Williams

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