Tommy's Release Date

Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Monday, March 28, 2011


To begin, I am sick. Missionary work is not fun when you're sick. O well, life continues. This week was somewhat uneventful. A lot of people around here are getting sick, and our investigators are using that as an excuse to not come to church, or to cancel appointments (It's probably a valid excuse, but still annoying none the less). We had two new families that we were really excited to teach, but they both had little kids that got sick, and canceled with us until they're feeling better. Besides that, we crashed a birthday party which was pretty exciting, but the highlight of the week was definitely the baptism that we had.  The first time we taught this guy, he appeared to basically have given up on life. We started teaching him, and every time we showed up he got progressively happier and happier. We'd show up, and start talking for a few minutes, and then he'd light up and say "So what are you going to teach me today?!" The change I have seen in this man is incredible! It's night and day! I can tell this hasn't just affected him in the religion sense either. We've talked to people who knew him before, and they always ask us: "What happened?! He seems like a completely different person!" It really is incredible to see the change. So we visited him last night to finish filling out his baptismal record (so that the church has a record that he got baptized, and can keep track of him and everything) and towards the end my companion was explaining to him that it was so that the church wouldn't forget him or something like that. For some reason I was feeling kinda goofy and started saying: "Hello? It's me! Remember me? I'm the one who just got baptized! Don't you remember me?? It was right here in Utah, just a couple days ago!" I kept on going for about 30 seconds, and by the end both my companion and the guy were laughing pretty good. That was pretty exciting. In any case, The mission is awesome! I wouldn't trade this time here for anything! That's all for now.
Elder Williams

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