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Monday, January 31, 2011

1-31-2011 More miracles

This week has really been an incredible one. I've seen some pretty miraculous changes in people. Changes that I never imagined were possible.  We went to visit this one family, and the first time we went to visit them, they didn't even really believe that God existed, but now after only 3-4 visits, they seem so much happier every time we come. They eat up EVERYTHING that we teach them, and they are always hungering for more every time that we come back.

Also, we have another family. They have been on date to be baptized before, but they need to get legally married before they can be baptized, and they never got around to it. This has been going on and off for years! The dad has known the Book of Mormon is true for YEARS and is still not baptized. But we finally sat them down and basically told them that if they didn't do it now, that their daughters were going to grow up, get baptized, and get married in the temple, and that they wouldn't be able to go. We told them a lot of other things too, and I felt kind of bad about it, but they decided to get married and baptized on the same day, 4 days after the mom's birthday. INCREDIBLE. 

The most crazy thing of all, is the way that people look at me though. I've had a couple people here that when they look at me, they don't look at me as an outsider, as some white guy speaking broken Spanish in their home. They look at me as something else. I don't know how to describe it. It almost feels like they're looking through me to look at someone else. At times, I feel like I'm out of place in the Spanish world here, but in moments like that, I feel like I fit in perfectly.

I want you all to know that God is real, that he loves us, and that he has a plan for us.

Hasta Luego,
Elder Williams

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