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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15, 2010 - Last week at the MTC

Hola!  Estoy animoso por esta proxmia semana, por que you podre salir entre el campo misonal.  YAY. The last 2 weeks has FLOWN by. Holy cow, It's hard to believe how much I've learned since I came here only two short (MUCHAMENTE PEQUINO)-->(I'm trying to start making Tommy-isms [thanks Sister Woller for that term] in Spanish as well. We'll see how this goes.
This week my focus was on the gospel and the scriptures. The Spanish (as I've mentioned before) has come really quickly for me, and I doubt I'll  really have all that much of a problem learning Spanish out in the mission field, but I realized that I really don't know the scriptures that well at all. That is something that came as quite a shock to me because I've been raised in the gospel, and been taught from the scriptures my entire life! There really are some freaking incredible scriptures in the Book of Mormon, and in the bible as well. A couple of the really good scriptures that I used this week were Matthew 5:48 (Be ye therefore perfect.....) and Ether 12:27 (go read it; it's got an awesome chunk about humility)  Entonces, mientras de que yo he estudiado las esctrituras, mi conocimiento en cerca de todas aspectas de mi vida han crecido. QUE BUENO! I plan to continue to learn the scriptures and apply them daily in to my life, as well in to the lives of those I get the opportunity to teach.
BTW, I haven't gotten the chance to work in the referral center here because I'm a Spanish missionary. Only English missionaries get to do that.
Anyways, this is my last full week here at the Missionary Training Center, and therefore it's what we call my teaching week. Basically what this mean is that we spend all of our time teaching.  We still have devotionals and firesides, and meetings, and mealtimes, and as a zone leader I have to spend a lot of time with the new districts teaching them how life goes at the MTC, but besides that ALL of my time is spent teaching.  It looks like by the end of the week we will have taught about 40 half an hour lessons this week in TOTAL SPANISH! That equates to 20 hours of teaching this week, which in my opinion is somewhat alot, but my spanish is improving quite rapidly, and I'm loving the work. I'm soo excited to get out in to the field and teach people for reals instead of just practicing.
To sum this all up, I'm having an INCREDIBLE time; I'm learning SOOOO much; I'm becoming a better version of myself; I'm learning how to deal with really annoying people without always using sarcasm; and much much more. I wish that everyone reading this could have this incredible opportunity.  It's tough work NO DOUBT. But the biggest rewards in life always come after we work the hardest, and the best part about it is that it's totally worth it! YAY!
Merry Christmas to all if I don't get to send an email out before Christmas. LOVE TO ALL!
-Elder Williams
NOTE FROM MOM: If you don't know Spanish, Google Translate has a pretty good site where you can get an idea of what is being said.  Also, Tommy says that packages and letters can still be mailed to the MTC address and they will forward them on to him.  After December 22nd, you can send letters and packages to the mission home listed on the home page of this blog.  Any time you wish to send a note and just don't have the time to get it mailed, e-mail it to me and I will print it out and mail it off for you.

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