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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 2 - MTC Update

Let me begin with a bit of my testimony. I would bear it in español but I don´t want to confuse anybody so here it goes in english.  First of all, I know that Joseph Smith truly was a Prophet of God and that he restored Christ´s gospel back on the earth for us here in the latter days.  I have never really had that testimony before, I knew it was true, and I knew that the Book of Mormon was the word of God as a companion to the Holy Bible, but I have recieved a personal answer to my years worth of prayers that he truly was a prophet of God. It was probably one of the strongest feelings I´ve ever felt and I know it to be true, and I will never be able to deny it as long as I live.  In addition to that, I know that Thomas S. Monson and his Apostles today are truly called of God as well. Since I´ve been here I´ve had the opportunity to hear 2 of the Apostles (Richard G. Scott and M Russell Ballard) speak here at the MTC, and they truly bring with them a unique spirt. I know this gospel is la palabra de dios (the word of God) and I'm beginning to really get some serious conocimiento (knowledge). 
Now for the fun stuff: The language continues to come pretty easily for me. I feel kinda bad for those who are having a hard time with it, and yet I'm not progressing with it quite as quickly as I would like to. I know that this is all my own fault and that I need to work harder at it, and that is something I am dedicated to doing.  When I think about the fact that I knew almost no spanish at all only 2 weeks ago it gives me some comfort, but I want to be fluent NOW! This mission is really teaching me patience.  As an example of how quickly the language is coming, I taught the first 4 principles of the first lesson (up through the first vision) in broken slow spanish yesterday, and although it wasn't even close to being perfect, I felt pretty great! Now I just have to stop worrying about it and just let it flow. MUY BUENO! Probably my favorite scripture right now is Joseph's account of the first vision in spanish. JS History 1:16-17: "ví una columna de luz, mas brillante que el sol, directamente arriba de me cabeza. y este luz gradualmente decendió hasta descansar sobre me....Al reposar sobre mi la luz, ví en el aire arriba de mi, a dos personajes, cuyo fulgor, y gloria no admitten descrición. Uno de ellos mí habló, llamandome por mi nombre, y dijo, señalando al otro: Este es mi Hijo amado. Escuchalo!"
Whether or not you understand the spanish associated with that powerful testimony, I hope that you can feel the power me my faith correlated to it. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus, that they were two distinct personages, and that they taught him about the true gospel, and through him restored the gospel of Jesus Christ on  the earth!
I've had many experiences here at the MTC that have humbled me even more than I expected last week. I've learned so much about myself.  In coming here I really feel like a little child. I keep trying to do what I think is right, but I always end up discovering that I've been worrying too much about myself and not enough about the Gospel and the work that is going on. It's hard to lose yourself in the work. It really is. But I am doing the best I can,  and I'm getting some pretty incredible results.  I've discovered that I will never be the best, but I will always be just what God needs, and that is really what matters. Gracias por las oriaciones por mi y los misioneros en el mundo todo! Yo puedo sentir el amor en mi vive y yo se que Dios puede y a ser da muchas bendigas a nosotros, sus hijos.
I love you and miss you all! But you're going to have to get used to that for a while, I'm having way too much fun :D
Hasta Luego!
Elder Williams!

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