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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This week has been incredible! Para empiezo, voy a compartir un relato.  This last week, my companion had to go get a couple ingrown toe-nails removed. I'm not going to go into the details of what that entails, but just know that we had to go about 5 miles away to a pediatrist. Anyways, as soon as we left the MTC I felt a little bit different. I had some flashcards that I was trying to study, and I just couldn't really focus on them very well. When we got to the pediatrist, we walked in and I continued to study while my companion filled out his forms (BTW, he's from Canada and found it hilarious that he got to just put "Canada" for his health care insurance company) Entonces, we were sitting there, and I gave up trying to study for a little while. I looked around and noticed I was getting kinda stressed out. It took me a few minutes to figure out why. Lots of people were coming in and out of the Doc, and none of them really looked happy. Of course this is to be expected, because the doctor really isn't a place that most people are happy, but this was different. Everyone was in such a hurry, and they all seemed insanely preoccupied with their lives to notice anything at all except what they were doing, and this STRESSED ME OUT! People were tapping away at their iPhones irritatedly, the receptionists were making phone calls and doing normal receptionist things. Then two things happened. First of all I saw a father and son (the son was probably 5 years old) sitting in the corner. The father looked stressed out a bit, but everytime he would look at his son I watched the worries get swept off of his face. SECOND, one of the receptionists came and talked to us for a few minutes about her son who is about to get his mission call, and it was incredible to watch her whole body relax as she talked about it. Entonces, my comp had his surgery, and we went back to the MTC, and it wasn't until I stepped out of the van that I really felt at ease again. I looked at my companion, and he looked at me, and just from the look in each others eyes we knew that we had felt the same thing.  What I'm trying to say has two purposes. First off, if you're not happy, that's your own fault, and God is the answer. Secondly (yet quite similar), the MTC is an INCREDIBLE place. Everyone here is so happy, and EVERYONE is willing to talk to you. I have never experienced this to this extreme degree before, and I didn't realize the spirit that was here until I had to go to where people didn't have that joy.  Now I don't know all the people we saw and talked to at teh Doc were members or not, but that was a testimony to me that satan is working hard to bring saddness, frustration, and distractions in to the lives of every single person on this earth.  Dios nos envió a la tierra para aprender, pregresar, y tener gozo, feliz, y mas de todo, PAZ. I am soooo glad to have the opportunity to serve a mission. I am happier, and learning more than at ANY other time in my life! Seriously, in what other circumstance could I have learned not only how to besically be able to hold my own in a completely spanish conversation, but to have learned about myself IN ONLY 5 WEEKS! Today marks my 5 week mark btw.  I've learned so much in the last 5 weeks. I realized this last week a very important thing: I came on my mission expecting to come home a different person, more particularly, a better version of myself. YET, as I've been out here, I've been working and praying for things like to be humble, and God has answered those prayers. I have been humbled in so many ways while being here, BUT, that alone would not make me a better person. I realized that in order for me to become better, I would actually have to change my attitude. (sounds simple, but it was a huge revelation to me) I've always felt like I've been pretty humble throughout my life, but I realized this last week how much that is not true. I realized that I take almost every opportunity to tell and show people that I am better than them, when in reality that is the furthest thing from the truth.  I have changed my attitude, and I have started to become a better person because of it. I discovered that when I bragged, I would always worry about what everyone thought about what I said, but when I stopped worrying about my accomplishments, and my abilities, and truly tried to relate with people with out trying to prove to them how great I felt I was, I never had to worry.  I hope you can understand the principle I'm trying to share. Humility and obedience truly are the secrets to life. We can be obedient to God, or obedient to Satan. Satan is real. I know that more than ever, but more importantly, God is real, and HE LIVES and CARES about us. I have made the choice to be obedient to God, and whatever that meand for me, I will obey. I hope the same goes for you.
I'm out of time! AHHH. More to come next week!
ADIOS! Con mucho amor
Elder Williams

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