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Since you asked, Tommy will be returning to Beaverton on October 25, 2012.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My first weekly Email

All is bueno in the land of Utah! It's been a pretty freaking incredible week. I can hardly imagine that just a week and a half ago I was just chillin at home watching T.V. with nothing to do.  Much has changed since then! It is really really really insane how quickly I am learning here at the MTC! I took two years of Spanish at Southridge H.S. and felt like I didn't learn anything the entire time, but here I am at the MTC and it is really crazy how much of the Spanish I remember. I have remembered almost every single word I learned during my two years in high school, and I've done that all in two weeks! I can now pray in Espanol, bear my testimony in Espanol, carry on a conversation in Espanol, and even just randomly talk about pretty much whatever I want. I'm remember words from high school that I never even thought I had learned! I'm remembering not only words that I have only seen once while in high school, but I am remembering the specific context of when I saw the word, exactly how it was spelled, and often whole sentences associated with them. IT IS INCREDIBLE! I've been focusing a lot on the language, and I can almost fight my way through reading the scriptures in Spanish. If someone is reading in English I can follow along in Spanish and understand most of what is going on. I've begun accidentally writing in Spanish without even thinking about it! Even in this simple little Email I'm sending home I've accidentally written alot of the words in Spanish and had to go back and retype them in English to make sure I'm getting my point across. In any case, I only have a half an hour to use my Email so I'm typing really fast. BUENO! Anyways, just to tell you a little about life here: Basically, every day goes somewhat the same way, we spend half the day studying, and half the day being taught. I wont waste your time by going to specifics about all of the divisions of my time, but that's basically it. Mom, I talked with the food people here and I'm getting food for every meal :D. In any case, let me just say once again that the spirit here is incredible. My first impression of this place was that I was finally in a place where there were more than a thousand people all dedicated just as much if not even more than I am to the gospel. I have really been humbled this week.
In other news: Every Sunday and Tuesday we have evening devotionals by general authorities or important people of some sort. This last Sunday we had a really good talk by someone I didn't know, but he got everyone excited about serving with the Espiritu Santo (Holy Ghost) and about simply being missionaries. It was great, but the speaker we had yesterday was even more incredible! Apparently last week Elder Russel M. Nelson came and gave the Tuesday devotional (I missed it by 1 day!!!! BOOOOO) and they don't usually have two apostles come in a row, but yesterday all of the missionaries here at the MTC had the opportunity to hear Robert D. Hales IN PERSON!!! It was simply incredible. He is truly called of God, and of that I have no doubt in my mind. Yo se que Robert D. Hales es el apostole do el Evangelio! He spoke about teaching with the spirit, and having the Holy Ghost as a companion to you in all aspects of your life.
In even more other news: I thought I would have to leave music behind while coming on my mission, and In a large part I did, but the music we sing here as elders and hermanas is mucho bueno! I sat in the very front for the first devotional (Sunday evening) and we sang 3 hymns as a congregation before the meeting started. In the middle of the second one I turned around and looked.   Let me try to explain what I saw, although I doubt that I can do it justice.  I saw 2,500 missionaries of the Lord singing with such gusto and gumption as I always do. For the first time in my life in a situation like this, I calmed my voice from the general quadruple forte that I usually sing at and sang at a volume at which I could hardly hear myself at all, and I could feel the power of all the other missionaries in the room. It was only when I stopped worrying about myself and truly let the spirit guide me that I was able to feel the power of the others around me.  I don't have much time left so I'm just going to end with this following thought:
Forget yourself. Let the strength and power of God guide your life. We all focus too much on ourselves and those thoughts make our lives stressful. The way in which I have found happiness is to not worry about what others think of me, and to simply focus on what I can get from others.
I'm so excited to be here, and I love this gospel with all my heart. yo se que Jesucristo vive, y yo se que jose smith fue el primero profeta en el mundo do los ultimos dias! I have so much to say and express about Dio's amor for us, but that will have to wait for another time. If you know me, you know I will not lie, and I promise that I know this gospel is true. It's the only way my life could have turned out the way it has. If you want to hear more stories, just write me a letter. I would love to share my stories with you.
In the words of Robert D. Hales: "I know that Jesus Christ lives....because I know him!" I add my testimony to that and I hope to be able to have that same level of knowledge in some future day.
Elder Williams

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